What does SourPLS mean in twitch? ( Meaning + Details )

What does SourPLS mean in twitch? ( Meaning + Details )

What is SourPLS? Meaning

SourPLS is an emote that is used on twitch to show or express the happiness or hype of the viewer in the streams’ chat box over something exciting or hilarious happening in the stream.

SourPLS became famous from a 2007 Youtube video in which a man is showing his excitement and joy by dancing in a very funny and comical manner at a supermarket. This dance was turned into an emote by BTTV in 2014. The SourPLS emote shows the same man dancing excitedly.

The SourPLS emote is therefore used by twitch stream viewers to show the streamers their happiness or excitement over something happening in the stream.

How do I get SourPLS to emote on twitch?

To see gif emotes on your twitch chat you need to install the BTTV extension and add it to your browser. You can do it by searching ‘BTTV download’ on your web browser.


You can do it by using this link :


How do I enable SourPLS on twitch?

After adding BTTV as your browser extension you have to :

  1.  Open a twitch stream
  2.  Go to its ‘chats settings’
  3.  Click on ‘BetterTTV settings’
  4.  A menu will pop up. Enable ‘BetterTTV Emotes’, enable ‘Emote Menu’, enable ‘BetterTTV gif emotes’, and also enable ‘FrankerFaceZEmotes’

Now, to add BTTV emotes to your chat you may go to manage.betterttv.net and connect your twitch account to BTTV.

You can now add the SourPLS emote to your twitch account.

How to use the SourPLS emote after installing BTTV?

After you have installed BTTV, you can go to the chat window of any live stream and at the bottom, you will see a smiley button. Click on that and now you can use all your BTTV emotes including SourPLS.

When to use SourPLS?

You can use SourPLS when something exciting is about to happen or something exciting has recently happened in the stream to show your hype. You can also use it when something happy or joyful has happened in the stream to show your happiness to other viewers or the streamer.