See How a Detective can be helpful in Premarital investigation

It is estimated that less than 1% of all marriages in India result in divorce. The hiring of a private investigator is becoming increasingly popular as a means of gathering evidence during this trying time.

The premarital examination

When it comes to prenuptial investigations, the term says it all. It’s a great way for anyone to make sure their future spouse isn’t hiding anything sinister and to demonstrate their trustworthiness. The work of a private investigator is therefore a good method for obtaining reliable information that is backed up by evidence.

A parent’s request for information on their child’s partner may be warranted if they are concerned about their child’s commitment to the relationship. It’s more common for one of the partners to insist on these conditions before the wedding can take place.


Most divorces are amicable, but a court-ordered dissolution of marriage due to adultery or other misconduct is also possible, and this process can be time-consuming and difficult. If his or her spouse has committed adultery, domestic violence, or another form of humiliation, a spouse may use this procedure to recover damages. However, in order for a divorce to be granted, the problematic spouse must be proven guilty of their activities by concrete evidence. Exactly in this situation, a Track Eye Detective Agency Delhi may be of great use.

A spouse’s criminal history might be investigated through an administrative investigation. An individual’s rap sheet and criminal record are both available for review if requested by police and justice.

Additionally, a morals inquiry is carried out by the private detective in perfect secrecy.

It depends on the detective’s skill set.

Most people engage a private investigator to confirm their suspicions of adultery or to collect evidence. These extramarital communications can be documented by compiling evidence such as emailed correspondence or screenshots from social media sites. An investigation report or a collection of testimonials can subsequently be used to give more evidence from the detective. It is also possible to use a detective’s report to provide evidence of addiction or lewd behavior.

To avoid having to pay a spousal maintenance or alimony award, some spouses plan their own financial collapse. They may do this by disguising their income and assets. Again, a professional from the investigation is needed to expose these ruses and bring evidence to light quickly and effectively.

Does the court accept all evidence?

The judge in family court can consider a wide range of evidence in her deliberations. Testimonials, images, sound or video recordings, screenshots of text or email interactions, as well as social media exchanges, are all examples of this type of evidence. It is important to note, however, that this evidence cannot be collected through violence. The judge will, of course, consider the findings of a private investigator’s report.

A report from a private investigator has what legal weight?

To reach a decision, the courts increasingly rely on the findings of Track Eye Detective Agency Mumbai. Though it is proof in its own right, the detective’s report does not suffice to bring a case to a court’s attention. Because of this private detectives may be summoned by a judge or magistrate, who can then investigate the facts in a more conclusive fashion.