Call Of Duty: Warzone – Landing Tips, Weapons Attachments And Contracts

Warzone is a game with multiple maps and weapons. In short, you cannot learn this game by playing it one day. There are lots of features that will take some longer time to understand. Once you decide to play the game, then you should buy a battle pass that comes with various rewards. Battle pass will allow you to unlock weapons perfectly that is all about the game so that it can be really a wonderful option for you. It is going to be the most dedicated option for gamers.

Apparently, you will jump from the plane in the starting when the game starts. You are allowed to choose your location where you want to land on the ground. Once you arrive then pick up the weapon and get ready to eliminate the targets. Due to this, you are able to eliminate the targets perfectly. By using warzone cheats, you can easily let yourself win the battle without wasting your time and efforts. In this article, you will collect information about the warzone game and its mind-blowing features.

Landing on ground

While you understand the gameplay, it is better to know about the most important activity, and that is landing on the ground. When you sit with the squad, then you are allowed to jump with them or alone, so it is better to jump along with them that will give you great ground support. It would be best for you to cut your parachute when you are land that allows you to land faster as possible as you can. It can be really a great option for you. Some of the small tricks really prove supportive when you are playing a game like Warzone.

Carry dedicated weapons with you

COD will automatically allow you to carry two different weapons. When you carry more than two weapons, then you are able to eliminate the target after you find the primary weapon taking reloading. However, you have to learn various things that are explained here –

  1. Let me start with the use of the weapons, so you should try to learn the use of every weapon perfectly that will automatically allow you to eliminate the targets perfectly. It is going to be the best and dedicated option for you.
  2. Another tip for you that you should learn how to shift weapons quickly. Make sure it is all about your control over the controller. You can easily customize the shift weapon feature according to your choice of the desired place. It can be really easier for you.

It will give you the opportunity to two various types of ammo, so when you give great damage, then you can easily able to kill the target easily. Never give a chance to your target to heal again, and again that is all about the game so that it can be really effective for you.

Drop your sniper in short-range combats 

Once you find that the play zone is shorter, then you should simply drop the sniper that is not worthy for you in the short-range combats. Snipers are most useful when you are killing the target from the long-range, so during the small circle, you will find people near to you. In this situation, you should try to use only the ARs that are more compatible with weapons. Don’t forget to attach attachments of the ARs that allow you to control the recoiling as well. Snipers are just holding the space of that weapon that you can use, and it will be useful during short-range combats.


If we talk about the graphics of the Warzone, then people always praise its amazing features. The developer of this game really worked hard in order to make everything realistic. Therefore, once you decide to enjoy the game, then you should definitely play the game on your device that can easily allow you to play the game perfectly and easily. It is considered the most advanced option for you to enjoy such a wonderful game daily. Even everything from tress and locations to building and weapons all looks real that will help you to experience the real combats.

Don’t forget to use a headset

As you are playing the game in which you need to listen to the clear voice of other players as well as the direction of enemies like footsteps that is no possible with common earphones. Therefore, try to spend money on a good quality headset that will allow you to listen to all the sound effects for a better gaming experience that is all about the game. It would be really an effective option for people that they should check out daily. It is considered as the most advanced option for gamers to use the better quality headset that works perfectly and give you support in the battle.

Use weapon attachment perfectly 

Players will find multiple types of weapons in the game, such as ARs, SMGs, Snipers, LMGs, and many more. However, do you have knowledge about the attachments that are needed when you are picking up any weapon in order to eliminate the targets? Basically, controlling the recoils is only possible when you have a better hand over the weapons and the attachments. You can easily use various things such as-

  1. Muzzle
  2. Stock
  3. Laser
  4. Pump
  5. Magazine
  6. Barrel
  7. Guard

We have mentioned some of the most dedicated weapons attachments that you should definitely use in order to use the weapons perfectly. These attachments allow you to save your eliminations always when you target any enemy during the gameplay.

Pick up contracts whenever you can 

If you are playing the Warzone, then you definitely familiar with the contract, so if you don’t know, then let me tell you they are the kind of tasks every gamer needs to complete. When you complete these tasks, then you will get rewards. Not only this, if you are daunted by the $10,000 price tag of a loadout drop, then there are some great ways to earn a lot of money when you move around the map contracts.