SUPER SMASH BROS. ULTIMATE: Have the fans figured out the next SMASH DLC?

The Super Smash Bros Ultimate community seems to have arrived at a speculative conclusion about who they believe the next DLC fighter is, based on several leaks and official art on social media.

Based on the leaks and official arts, the community feels that the new fighter might be Master Chief from the famous Xbox game Halo.  Fans already theorized this back when Walmart made a joke about Master Chief joining Smash back in March. Now leaks and the official arts hint more towards the same direction.

Xbox Era’s co-founder, Nick “Shpeshal Ed” Baker, shared a rumor on April 10 that hinted at an upcoming announcement from Nintendo and Xbox. Microsoft collaborating with the switch does not come as a surprise to the fans. They have collaborated several times and Banjo kazooie, Minecraft Steve the 2 Smash DLC in the past are the product of their collaboration. While the rumor could point to games on Game Pass becoming playable on the Nintendo Switch, it could also indicate that Master Chief or Doom Slayer are coming to the fighting game. 

SUPER SMASH BROS. ULTIMATE: Have the fans figured out the next SMASH DLC?

This is just part of the Master Chief theory, however. Soon after the Nintendo x Xbox announcement for fall was leaked, Halo’s official Instagram decided to post some questionable art. The fan art was of Mario characters becoming immersed in the world of Halo. 

This post and comment posts almost give away that the new DLC fighter might be Master Chief.  But we never until it is confirmed, live in a world full of surprises. Even if the announcement in fall isn’t Master Chief coming to Ultimate, the game coming to Nintendo Switch would make an even stronger case for the protagonist to appear in Smash later on. 

But, Nintendo has not reacted to the theory thus far. The company has kept its silence about the Smash DLC fighters. So far, fans have been surprised by the fighters that have appeared in the Nintendo Directs. It never seems to be who fans theorize so Master Chief might be out based on that pattern alone. But Nintendo keeping their silence means anything is possible.

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