Roberrt 2021 Kannada Movie Cast, Review,Release date

Roberrt 2021 Kannada Movie Cast, Review,Release date

Roberrt is a brand new Kannada movie. This is a Kannada-language action thriller film. The director and writer of this film isĀ  Tharun Sudhir. Producer of this Kannada film, Roberrt is Umapathy Srinivasa Gowda under the banner of Umapathy Films. V. Harikrishna and Arjun Janya are music composer of this film. Cinematography is done by Sudhakar S Raj and editing is performed by KM Prakash. The film is scheduled to release on 25th April, 2021 along with Telugu version.

Roberrt 2021 Kannada Movie Cast, Review,Release date

Roberrt 2021 cast:

This action filled Kannada movie ” Roberrt” directed by Tharun Sudhir is  starring  actors , they are:

  • Darshan
  • Jagapathi Babu
  • Ravi Kishan
  • Asha Bhat
  • Devaraj
  • P. Ravi Shankar

Roberrt 2021 Kannada Movie Release date:

Finally after such a long wait we are going to see Darshan  in his upcoming  bone chilling action filled movie ” Roberrt “. The release date of  this upcoming movie is declared, it will be released on  25th April, 2021 on Amazon Prime.

Roberrt 2021, Kannada  full movie free  download:

The movie  Roberrt can be downloaded on your smart phones, thee resolutions and the sizes  of this Kannada movie mostly depends on the internet quality you have as well your smart phone and even the user can choose the resolution formats and the size of this action thriller movie in whichever resolution you want to watch it. Formats of Roberrt will be  available with additional options such as HD,1080p, 720,420p, 360p, the user can choose accordingly. This movie will be having subtitles of different language as well and  it will release in Telugu version also.

Roberrt 2021 English subtitles:

 As  Roberrt is  a Indian-Kannada movie and going to release very soon, therefore, English subtitles are also available for this movie for better understanding.

Roberrt 2021 in hindi:

Roberrt is a Kannada Action filled drama film. This is movie is going to release on 25th April, 2021 and for the time being this movie is going to release in Kannada and Telugu Language. Later, this Kannada  movie, Roberrt will be dubbed into various other language.

Roberrt 2021 songs free download:

The songs of this movie Roberrt  is composed by V. Harikrishna and Arjun Janya and the songs of this movie is super hit.

Trailer of the film Roberrt:

Link for the trailer is:-

Review of The Film Roberrt:

This film deals  with Roberrt who lives in Lucknow with his son but their life takes a turn when his son`s mischievous behaviour lands him at a critical place to deal with a huge blunder. To know more about the film Roberrt we need to watch this film.

So, what are you waiting for getting ready to watch this action-filled film, Robert in Kannada, and stay tuned for more updates!follow on Instagram

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