Navratri 2020 Colors Of Navratri , Navratri Bhajan And Aarti Lyrics

Ashtami Navratri 2020

Navratri is a significant Hindu celebration devoted to the loving of Goddess Durga (NavaDurga). Among all Navratris; Shardiya Navratri is the most famous and important. This nine days in length celebration begins right from the start (pratipada) of Ashwin month. In 2020, Shardiya Navratri begins from Saturday, 17 October, and finishes on Dussehra – Monday, 26 October. It is otherwise called Maha Navratri. 

Navratri 2020 Colors Of Navrarti , Navratri Bhajan And Aarti Lyrics

Badi Navratri 2020 date

The 9th Day of Navratri is Maha Navami or badi navaratri
– Sunday, 25 October 2020
– Favorite Flower that you should offer to the goddess is Champa
– Color of the Day is Peacock Green

Colors of Navratri 2020

Every day of Navratri has an alternate color, bound to nine wonderful manifestations of holiness; following are the Navratri hues (with their significance and essentialness); can be worn mirroring each type of Godhead. 

Navratri Day 1 Shading: Orange 

Navratri’s first day commits to Goddess Shailputri. She generally wishes her enthusiasts to love the Navratri Puja with Orange shading. On the off chance that you love the holiness with this shading, your desires would be satisfied. It is accepted that Maa Shailputri is the supplier, all things considered. 

Navratri Day 2 Shading: White 

The second manifestation of NavaDurga is Goddess Brahmacharini. Her fervent admirers award profound regard to heavenly nature and wear her most loved shading White. White is by all accounts extremely near her heart. Subsequently reverencing the divinity with her unsurpassed adoring shading is no lesser than a shelter. Goddess Brahmacharini is accepted to offer her fans with astuteness and information. 

Navratri Day 3 Shading: Red 

The third day of Navratri is focused on a beauteous manifestation of the Goddess Chandraghanta. Her preferred shading is Red. With the finesse of Chandraghanta Devi, fans have a dream of otherworldly items. Divine aromas are experienced and numerous sorts of sounds are heard. Mother consistently gets her lovers far from all deterrents and gives joy throughout everyday life. 

Navratri Day 4 Shading: Regal Blue 

The fourth type of NavaDurga – Goddess Kushmanda is enamored with Illustrious Blue. She closes the malicious impacts and haziness with her heavenly grin. She is constantly revered while wearing Illustrious Blue garments during the Navratri fourth day puja. Maa Kushmanda favors her aficionados with great wellbeing, offers riches and quality. 

Navratri Day 5 Shading: Yellow 

Yellow is Skandamata’s record-breaking top choice. Since Navratri fifth day is unequivocally committed to the manifestation of Goddess Parvati. Aficionados ought to orchestrate a wide assortment of yellow-hued blossoms to satisfy her during panchami puja. Goddess Skandamata keeps satisfaction, harmony and success stay in the house. 

Navratri Day 6 Shading: Green 

Goddess Katyayani-The godhead of concordance and tranquility. She partial to the shading green. She is venerated on Navratri’s sixth day. Maa Katyayani has been considered as a unique product for unmarried young ladies. She guarantees amicability and harmony in wedded life. 

Navratri Day 7 Shading: Dim 

The seventh day of Navratri is profoundly committed to Goddess Kalaratri. She is the most savage manifestation of Maa Durga. Dim is the shade of the day. Maa Kalaratri is known for devastating obliviousness and eliminating haziness from the universe. 

Navratri Day 8 Shading: Purple 

The eighth day of Navratri is devoted to Goddess Mahagauri. Purple is her preferred shading. It is accepted that she is the most wonderful and gleams splendidly. She is the Goddess who means harmony and perseverance. It is said that adoring her will clean the aficionado’s heart and make him devout. 

Navratri Day 9 Shading: Peacock Green 

The ninth day of Navratri is devoted to Goddess Siddhidatri. Peacock Green is her preferred shading. She is likewise said to help eliminate obliviousness. As indicated by the sacred writings there are 8 kinds of Siddhis – Anima, Mahima, Garima, Laghima, Prapti, Prakyamya, Inshitva, Vashitva. With the beauty of Maa Siddhidatri; one can achieve all these siddhis. 

Date of first Navratri 2020

1st Day of Navratri is also known as Partipada

– Saturday, 17 October 2020

– Favorite flower that you should offer to the goddess is  Hibiscus

– Color of the Day is Orange

The end date of Navratri 2020

The 9th Day of Navratri is Maha Navami or badi navaratri
– Sunday, 25 October 2020
– Favorite Flower that you should offer to the goddess is Champa
– Color of the Day is Peacock Green

Happy navratri 2020 images

Happy navratri 2020 quotes in hindi

1: या देवी सर्वभूतेषु शक्तिरूपेण संस्थिता. नमस्तस्यै नमस्तस्यै नमस्तस्यै नमो नम:

नवरात्रि की शुभकामनाएं

2: माँ के कदम आपके घर में आएं

आप खुशी से नहाएं

घोड़े पर होगा आगमन, भैंसे पर प्रस्थान
घोड़े पर होगा आगमन, भैंसे पर प्रस्थान
यह भी पढ़ें
परेशानियाँ आपसे आँखें चुराएं

नवरात्रि की आपको ढेरों शुभ कामनाएं।

3: हे माँ तुमसे विश्वास ना उठने देना,

बन के रोशनी तुम राह दिखा देना

बिगड़े काम बना देना… शुभ नवरात्रि

4: सारा जहान है जिसकी शरण में

नमन है उस माँ के चरण में,

हम हैं उस माँ के चरणों की धूल

आओ मिलकर माँ को चढ़ाएं श्रद्धा के फूल

शुभ नवरात्रि…

5: दूर की सुनती हैं माँ, पास की सुनती हैं माँ,

माँ तो अखिर माँ हैं, हर भक्त की सुनती हैं माँ

चैत्र नवरात्रि की शुभकामनाएं

6: नमो नमो दुर्गे सुख करनी. नमो नमो अम्बे दुःख हरनी… शुभ नवरात्रि

7: माता सबको दुलारती

कष्टों से उबारती

सब करते हैं उसकी आरती

जय माता रानी की।

शुभ नवरात्रि…

Navratri 2020 Bengali

Mahalaya Amavasya, otherwise called Sarv Pitru Amavasya, will be seen on September 17. The Amavasya Tithi will start at 7.56 pm today, for example, September 16, and will end at 4.29 pm tomorrow, for example, September 17. 

On this day, Shradh and Tarpan customs are performed for the individuals who inhaled their keep going on Purnima Tithi, Chaturdashi Tithi, and Amavasya Tithi. 

Mahalaya Amavasya marks the finish of the Pitru Paksha period and the start of the Devi Paksha. The day likewise denotes the beginning of the Sharadiya Navratri season that is devoted to Maa Durga. The lovers save a quick for nine days and love the nine types of Maa Durga. On this day, the Goddess slides on the earth from her sublime house or Kailash on either a cart, vessel, elephant, or pony. Regularly, festivities for Durga Puja start seven days after Mahalaya. 

As per Bisuddha Siddhanta and Suryasiddhanta, the two schools of chronicles, the strange hole among Mahalaya and Durga Puja is a direct result of a wonder called ‘mala crush’ or a lunar month that has two new moons, as indicated by a report. During this month, no promising celebration or customs can be watched. Bengali month Ashwin is a lunar month, and Durga Puja must be held after it is finished. 

While it is an uncommon timetable, it isn’t the first occasion when that Durga Puja will be postponed. The last time this happened was in 2001 when Durga Puja was watched 30 days after Mahalaya. 

Bengalis are said to start with the merry enthusiasm directly from Mahalaya, nonetheless, this will be postponed. The ‘Devi Paksha’ or the promising time frame when Durga puja celebrated, will start on October 17 with ‘Pratipad’ or the primary day of Sharadiya Navratri.

Navratri 2020 bhajan

Before we set ourselves on this devotional journey, here’s the list of all Hindi bhajans and popular songs dedicated to Maa Durga.

Navratri 2020 bhajan mp3 download

जय अम्बे गौरी मैया जय मंगल मूर्ति। तुमको निशिदिन ध्यावत हरि ब्रह्मा शिव री ॥टेक॥ मांग सिंदूर बिराजत टीको मृगमद को। उज्ज्वल से दोउ नैना चंद्रबदन नीको ॥जय॥ कनक समान कलेवर रक्ताम्बर राजै। रक्तपुष्प गल माला कंठन पर साजै ॥जय॥ केहरि वाहन राजत खड्ग खप्परधारी। सुर-नर मुनिजन सेवत तिनके दुःखहारी ॥जय॥ कानन कुण्डल शोभित नासाग्रे मोती। कोटिक चंद्र दिवाकर राजत समज्योति ॥जय॥ शुम्भ निशुम्भ बिडारे महिषासुर घाती। धूम्र विलोचन नैना निशिदिन मदमाती ॥जय॥ चौंसठ योगिनि मंगल गावैं नृत्य करत भैरू। बाजत ताल मृदंगा अरू बाजत डमरू ॥जय॥ भुजा चार अति शोभित खड्ग खप्परधारी। मनवांछित फल पावत सेवत नर नारी ॥जय॥ कंचन थाल विराजत अगर कपूर बाती। श्री मालकेतु में राजत कोटि रतन ज्योति ॥जय॥ श्री अम्बेजी की आरती जो कोई नर गावै। कहत शिवानंद स्वामी सुख-सम्पत्ति पावै ॥जय॥

Navratri 2020 quotes in English

Here are some wishes, quotes, messages to send family and friends on this Navratri:

  • May you have a very Happy Navratri 2020. I hope you have the best pooja and celebrations in life this year.
  • May the generous goddess Maa Durga brighten your life with countless blessings. I hope your prayers bring happiness and prosperity. Happy Navratri 2020 to you!
  • May the great goddess Maa Durga provide you the strength, wisdom, and courage to overcome all obstacles in life. Have an auspicious Navratri.
  • Here’s wishing that the colors, beauty, bliss, and happiness, Of this auspicious festival of Maa Durga, stay with you, not just for these nine days, but forever. Happy Navratri 2020!
  • Let us pray that this Navratri, Maa Durga bestows upon you and your family, All nine forms of her blessings. Happy Navratri!
  • May the nine days and nine nights of Navratri Bring your good health and fortune. Wishing you a very Happy Navratri.
  • Navratri is here with a festive atmosphere. Feel the spirit and have fun, As all the family celebrates as one. Happy Navratri 2020 to you!
  • May the energy of the universe bless you in all her nine forms. Happy Navratri 2020!
  • May the blessings of Maa Durga be always with you. Happy Navratri 2

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Navaratri 2020 Colors Of Navratri , Navratri Bhajan And Aarti Lyrics
Navaratri 2020 Colors Of Navratri , Navratri Bhajan And Aarti Lyrics
Navaratri 2020 Colors Of Navratri , Navratri Bhajan And Aarti Lyrics
Navaratri 2020 Colors Of Navratri , Navratri Bhajan And Aarti Lyrics

Navaratri 2020 Colors Of Navratri , Navratri Bhajan And Aarti Lyrics
Navaratri 2020 Colors Of Navratri , Navratri Bhajan And Aarti Lyrics
Navaratri 2020 Colors Of Navratri , Navratri Bhajan And Aarti Lyrics
Navaratri 2020 Colors Of Navratri , Navratri Bhajan And Aarti Lyrics

Navaratri 2020 Colors Of Navratri , Navratri Bhajan And Aarti Lyrics
Navaratri 2020 Colors Of Navratri , Navratri Bhajan And Aarti Lyrics
Make this recognized bright celebration a way unique and attempt to wear these devoted excellent shades of hues during every day of the party to show profound regard to the Nava Durga. Without a doubt, she would be edified and placated by your sheer love and shower every one of her endowments upon you. Wish you every one of them a Glad Navratri.

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