Jonty Gaming gets Emotional after Getting Asked About First Salary

Jonty Gaming is an Indian Youtuber with over 2 million + subscriber and has a huge fan base for free fire gaming in India he is known for his useful advice regarding free fire and knowledge, tips tricks, for his fans every day

in the latest interview of Jonty gaming with MambaSR where MambaSR asking about the reaction of his parents getting the first salary from gaming and asked how life changed and turning-points of his life ” JONTY GAMING Answered “I have handed over the first salary and I was very happy about it and in November in lockdown ” after talking about his journey he got emotional

Lockdown was the worst part for middle-class families in India as to survive they had spent whole life saving just to feed, paying bills however Jonty gaming was happy that he got to earn in Lockdown which is totally true as Indian people were lucky who got their payments on time

And now Jonty is one whom free fire players in india admires the most

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