Famous influencer Santoshi Shetty Charged 1500 for mental therapy with zero experience

Famous influencer Santoshi Shetty Charged 1500 for therapy with zero experience

famous Instagram influencer Santoshi Shetty charged their fans for mental health therapy of 1500 with zero professional experience in counseling and mental therapy 

Santoshi Shetty

Santoshi Shetty charged 1500 for mental therapy in the session Santoshi narrated  her struggling story where the user who attained the session were angry as Santoshi  narrated her story in the name of the mental therapy sessions where she was having zero experience of mental health and none mental health experience professionals guider was present in the live session 

users who were attended the sessions demanding to refund their money back for just talking and sharing her experience in rs 1500 
how fashion blogger can understand mental therapy? 

if Santoshi Shetty actually cares for mental illness and she is professional in this why didn’t Santoshi Shetty provided a mental session for free instead of charging and looting people  

don’t be fooled dear users if you have mental problems please find doctors or counselors instead of spending money in these live session scams like Santoshi Shetty did …

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