Call of Duty’s Season 4 is going to be a blast!

Call of Duty’s Season 4 is going to be blast ! Here’s what you need to know :

Call of Duty Mobile is one of the most played and beloved shooter games on android and ios devices and its season 4 is going to be out very soon.

This season is expected to come out on Wednesday , 26th May. The season is going to have a Wild West theme and is going to be called ‘Spurned and Burned’ and has a lot to offer to its players.

Highlights of the season

  • This season brings a new map called ‘Dome’ in the battle and a ton of new and exciting places for players to discover in the middle of a desert.
  • A new game mode called ‘Capture the gold’ has also been introduced this season. In this, players are supposed to seize the gold from their opponents and take it back to their base.
  • Amongst all this 2 brand new weapons have also been introduced this season : MK2 and the Holger. MK2 is a fast-shooting rifle whereas Holger is a highly customizable LMG which can be used for short-range, medium-range and-long range combat.
  • With the entry of this season Clan Wars have also been introduced for players.

Other than these major highlights many other changes have been introduced to give players a fun-filled and enjoyable experience.

The Season 4 of Call of Duty Mobile is something all gamers can look forward to.

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