10 Top Benefits You Need to Know About Using Plywood

Since its introduction in the early twentieth century, plywood has come a long way. For decades now, plywood is seen as a quality substitute for solid wood. However, nowadays, plywood has become the primary choice of many homeowners and builders.

With the increasing level of popularity, the plywood industry has been thriving more than ever. The leading plywood companies in India are becoming more active in their production of plywood. More and more plywood companies are adopting state-of-the-art technology to increase their quality and quantity.

10 Top Benefits You Need to Know About Using Plywood

What are the Benefits of Using Plywood?

There are many benefits to using plywood. Some of them are listed as follows.

It Looks Great

Many people will agree that plywood looks great. The plywood is typically covered with solid wood and looks just as real and great as the natural one. It gives a very wooden feel to the items and furniture. It would also look better if a good quality veneer is used.

It Is Strong

Solid wood is very strong. However, plywood is stronger. Therefore, whatever inherent issues solid wood has, plywood has solved them all. The structure of plywood is cross-grained. Therefore, the strength is evenly distributed. The solid wood, however, is stronger along the grains. You can also have stronger plywoods with the help of veneers and strong phenolic adhesives.

It Is Durable

Unlike natural wood, the strength of plywood is evenly distributed. This, along with good adhesives and veneers, makes plywood very good at resisting sharp blows and abuse. Therefore, plywood is a very durable wood product.

It Is Lightweight

While plywood is stronger than natural wood, it is lighter. This makes plywood the best choice for building furniture. Not only is it strong, thus making it easier to withstand blows, but it is also lighter, which is great for moving the furniture around. Unlike solid wood, people manufacturing furniture with plywood do not find it hard time moving it around.

It Comes In Large Sizes

Most of the time, a single block of natural wood would not be big enough to build an entire piece of furniture. However, plywoods are generally 1800mm in height and 1200mm in width. Therefore, plywood provides a lot of areas to make furniture.

It Covers a Lot of Areas

Since plywood comes in larger sizes, it also covers a lot of area than natural wood in terms of square foot coverage. Therefore, one standard sheet of plywood would cover a significant amount of area. There will be no gaps, uneven ends, and less wastage of space.

It Does Not Split Easily

Solid wood has a certain disadvantage – it might split along with the grain, especially if you try to drive a nail or a screw through it. In the case of plywood, it does not split that easily due to its cross-grained structure.

It Is Great For Curved Surfaces

Curved spaces can be a headache. If you make curved surfaces from solid wood, the results would not be so pretty – it would be rather rough and uneven. However, in the case of plywood, the edges would be smooth and easy.

It Offers Value For Money

If you use plywood for any project, there would be less wastage. You can use every square inch of a standard plywood sheet. Since it is also light, transporting plywood would also not be any problem. Furthermore, plywood costs lesser than solid wood. It is an engineered wood product and is preferred by builders and homeowners.

It Is Ecofriendly

It might sound ironic that plywood is an environmentally friendlier option. However, it is not further from the truth. While it has wood, the quantity is much less than solid wood. This means that less timber is used, thus making plywood an eco-friendly product.

Why You Should Use Marine Grade Plywood?

While looking to install plywood in your home, marine-grade plywood is one of the best options. Here are some of the reasons why you should use marine-grade plywood


More Resistance

Marine-grade plywood is great at resisting wear and tear. Therefore, you can use the product without much maintenance. This is why marine plywood is used in boatmaking, for floating cottage floors, and for marine vessels.


Due to its water resistance, this plywood has gained the term ‘marine plywood.’ the waterproof nature has been possible due to the application of a special layer of glue. It does not expand the wood even if the product is in water for a long time.

High Stability

Due to the application of adhesives and veneers, the structure of marine-grade plywood is very stable and is not affected by moisture and temperature.


Due to its highly stable structure, marine-grade plywood is pliable, meaning that you can bend it in any way you want. This is why plywood is a great material for making boats, in and for items of other structural development that will be prone to water most of the time.

Great Finish

The surface finish of marine grade plywood is very smooth and attractive. The finishing looks very sophisticated and beautiful.

With so many benefits of plywood, choosing it in place of solid wood for a project is the smart way to go. Plywood is a great material for your home, bathroom, kitchen, and other places.

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