How Do I Seek The Best Medical Treatment After An Accident?

How Do I Seek The Best Medical Treatment After An Accident?

 After a car accident, there is no other better way to protect your legal rights other than to get prompt and best medical care. This is true especially when the accident results from someone’s intentional conduct.  Getting medical care is not only vital when you have suffered from severe injuries; you need to seek medical care even when injuries are minor since some injuries take time before they appear.

 If you have suffered severe injuries, medical treatment and bills will occupy a large part of your compensation.

Getting Prompt Medical Care After An Accident

If minor injuries are left untreated, they may worsen; this will not be a good recipe for your personal injury claim. Insurance companies are reluctant to accept a claim when a victim fails to seek prompt medical treatment. Even after getting treatment, you still need to know how the medical records will help you gain the best compensation. Thus, you may consider having a  top Bakersfield car accident attorney assist you.  He/she can find the best strategy to protect your legal rights. There are three main reasons why you need the best medical treatment after an accident:

  • Protect your health. If you wait for long, your injuries may become severe, and you could end up getting a disability. A jury or a judge is likely to believe that you got injured if you acted promptly to get medical attention.
  • Evidence of injuries. You can’t prove injuries suffered until you get a medical record. Such a record confirms your injuries, which will be a great concern to the insurance adjuster. Also, with the right evidence of injuries, you can negotiate a settlement, 
  • Establishing causality. An insurance adjuster can be quick to argue that you took long to obtain medical care because you had no injuries or that the injuries were not related to the accident. You have to show that due to the negligent action of the at-fault driver, you suffered injuries. In simple terms, you must prove the defendant’s breach.

 Finally, you will have the compensation to receive in mind. Having information about the full extent of your injuries help you have clear details of how much you spent and what may be needed for future treatment up to recovery.

Filing Your Personal Injury Claim

 Once you get a treating doctor, be honest. You should tell the truth about how you feel and what symptoms you have experienced; exaggerating an injury may result in your personal injury claim denial. When you are diagnosed with a certain injury, you should make sure to follow your doctors’ instructions until you recover. Your doctor’s records will be used to:

  • Validate the nature and extent of your injuries
  • Show course and duration of treatment
  • Show medical expenses spent

 As earlier mentioned, some injuries will not appear until after some weeks or months after an injury. Meaning, if you later learn of such injuries and want to file a claim, you may find it hard to get a reasonable settlement. But if you took time to see a doctor after the accident, this offers a better chance to prove you suffered injuries and hence get a fair compensation.

 To file your claim, you will need results for your medical records from your treating doctor. Make sure to go over them carefully and if you notice any discrepancy, speak it out and have your doctor correct such errors. It’s vital to pay attention to what was entered in the records as the course of your injuries. For instance, if you were rear-ended by another car, then the report should contain that. Such information may be compared with the police report, and if there is any inconsistency, you may find it hard to prove to the at-fault driver’s insurance company how the accident occurred. 

 You should check that your doctor got your medical symptoms right. Sometimes the doctor doesn’t take a patient’s medical history correctly. This gets tough when one had a preexisting condition before the accident happened. The key thing is to have your medical record accurate. That way, you will not have it hard when showing how the at-fault driver caused your injuries due to his/her intentional conduct.

 Get Legal Help

 You don’t have to risk a reduction in your compensation; an experienced car accident attorney can provide the best advice to ensure you receive what you deserve. It becomes easy to get a good settlement once the claim adjuster realizes you sought medical care after the car accident. That way, no one should be worried when an insurance adjuster offers a quick and low settlement for injuries suffered.  A lawyer can help you can learn what to do after an accident to secure what you genuinely deserve due to someone else negligence.

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