Why Rakesh Jhunjhunwala Invested In Nazara Technologies IPO

as you all know popular share market holder and motivator Rakesh Jhunjunwala hold more than 15% in the latest  IPO offering company Nazara Technologies

Nazara Technologies is gaming based industries which Aim E-sports media in India and other countries like America Africa and the middle east

the company  Nazara Technologies is an Esports organizer which organizes popular  events like PMPL pubg mobile championship where popular YouTubers like dynamo and scout were seen as participants  among gamers the company has a partnership with biggest gaming company Like Valve and ESL

The company has the acquisition of sportskeeda and the various gaming community is in touch with  Nazara Technologies  also these company has 89% of earning through Telco subscription last 3/4 years the company has many Acquisitions the list is given below

  • The Company Nazara technologies have Aquistionn
  • Nodwin Gaming in the year 2018
  • Next Wave which is the largest  and most famous cricket game platform
  • halaplay Technologies in 2019 company focuses on the fantasy gaming platform
  • Sportskeeda World top sports E-media
  • Paper BOATS

Nazara technologies have 77% public shares and promoters have 22.97 of holding

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