Why is the government opening liquor shops despite knowing that it will enhance Corona cases dramatically?

LIQUOR owns 20 to 40% of shares in GST by which the government earns and it plays a huge role in the Indian economy to uplift them everywhere we were asked  Why is the government opening liquor shops despite knowing that it will enhance Corona cases dramatically? 

why liquor shop is opened?

In spite of opening other essential government opened liquor shops for drunkards? the answer is really no government open liquor shop so that they get help  in economic and in future to help economically its truth that 30 of Indian couldn’t afford 3 to 4times meal as in this lockdown they will die due to hunger, not from corona it Will increases not as corona deaths it will be as  malnutrition deaths from hunger and it will be in lakhs as the majority are labored who lived their life  as daily wages and to provide money in their bank account government needs a certain amount of money which will only be generated from Liquors shop

What is the amount of rush at the liquor shops after softening in lockdown restrictions?

after the opening of the liquor shop, the fellow Indian has been seemed of trashing social distancing rule by which on 5-may-2020 
India recorded 3900 plus cases of corona due to avoiding social distances at liquor shops line also police work had been increased as there is lockdown already they have been working so hard and after the opening of liquor shops the work of Irish and police live has increased about 80%  and recorded increased in the rate of corona cases in police army 

Which liquor store is opened in Delhi during the COVID-19 lockdown?

on firstly liquor shop was opened in Delhi and there were lakhs of people at all over Delhi who was in line for liquors shop  for getting liquors, as a result, there were fights and people outside liquor shops start arguing and pushing each other and on next day government of Delhi increased 70% more rates on liquors so that they can earn huge profit and lines outside the liquors shop may result lesser and the plans of government work exactly what they said congratulations to Delhi government and soon despite liquors shop saloon and groceries may be seen opened 

BMC decided to shut all liquor shops in Mumbai as crowd forget 
about social distancing  and got the highest number of cases of corona in Mumbai govt of Mumbai decided to shut liquor shops in Maharashtra
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