Why Do Hospitality Business Consider Valet Parking Systems By CVPS

Why Do Hospitality Business Consider Valet Parking Systems By CVPS

Whether it is due to advancement in technology or other factors, hospitality parking has got a set of new rules. The one thing that has been constant in this world is that standards are constantly changing and hospitality parking is no exception to that. Recent times have only made the speed of change faster. Given how the occupancy rate has reduced drastically, business owners and authorities are depending more on technology over manpower. The hospitality industry is adapting to the new normal yet finding ways to make more profit with Valet parking systems.

If you are not sure how then this blog is for you because we are going to discuss the benefits you are entitled to receive if you invest in Automated parking systems.

Hospitality Parking 

Hospitality parking typically included valets and managers who ensured the smoothness and safety inside the parking lot. Valets were bringing in cars from parking lots while managers were responsible for the payment and overall maintenance of the parking lot. Industries went behind for years in addition to the elimination of manpower. Managers were responsible for both parking and managing the front desk, and valets were no longer employed. 

But now that we are slowly moving towards a new normal, the rule to eliminate manpower is very much active in public places. Hence the demand for Valet parking systems is increasing. People involved in the hospitality industry are looking for ways by which they can reduce the workload of the existing handful of employees, increase profit yet enhance efficiency. But no matter how rules change in the hospitality industry, one thing in the hospitality industry is of utmost importance, i.e. customer service.

Why does customer service play an important role in the hospitality industry?

Everything you do when you are involved in a business in the hospitality industry is to increase customer service. So, every investment you do in your business is to either maintain the existing customer service or to increase the customer service. But how do Valet parking systems help in increasing customer service? 

With valet parking software waiting in long lines to find a parking spot in the lot is history. In addition to that, there are also different virtual payment methods available that make the customer experience more pleasant. No longer are guests required to find an employee to ask for a vehicle retrieval procedure, instead, they can just ask for it through their smartphones. On top of that CVPS Valet parking, systems have built-in Alexa making every customer experience not only pleasant but quite customized.

Here are some factors which you should consider when thinking of investing in Valet parking systems.

Convenient drive-in parking

Instead of having valets waiting to direct your guests to the different spaces in the parking lot, with Valet parking systems your guests can drive into the parking lot directly without having to wait for anyone. The software is developed in such a way that whenever a vehicle passes through the valet kiosk it will not only note the time of entrance but will click vehicles before it enters the parking lot to avoid damage claims in the future.

The self-drive-in also saves time and unnecessary waiting lines because there are only so many people you can hire as valets. This means that whenever there is a shortage of valets the drive-in is going to get cramped up with cars causing jams and inconvenience. Why does having Valet parking systems that capture photographs is beneficial?

Imagine having a business in the hospitality industry and you get regular damage claims from guests half of which are fraudulent and false, frustrating right? Not only will you incur losses in your business but you will also receive bad customer reviews which could hamper your overall profit. So how to stop such fraudulent damage claims? This is when Valet parking systems step in to save your day, every day to be more specific. The software is programmed to capture photographs upon entry so that guests can’t walk up to the front desk to make fraudulent damage claims.

The virtual vehicle retrieval process

In a big hospitality business, at times it becomes difficult for guests to find employees who could direct them to the parking manager. That increases your chances of receiving reviews like insufficient staffing or inattentive employees. To avoid such comments, you can invest in Valet parking systems where your guests can easily set vehicle retrieval times through their mobile phones. Not only you can avoid manpower but also receive good reviews in addition to saving money.

The benefit of built-in Alexa or shall we say Valexa?

With CVPS’s Valet parking systems, you get built-in Alexa so instead of having your guests look for employees around the hospitable building; they can just ask for information from Alexa. It is convenient and a smarter option. as a business owner, you will not only save a lot of money but also have fewer liabilities. In other words, smarter technology means more work done and less manpower. Less manpower thus means less amount of money to be invested as salaries instead you can invest the money in somewhere else.

The verdict

Even as hampered businesses and the majority of businesses have suffered losses, investing in Valet parking systems will be a smarter investment. It will not only help you to save money by hiring less manpower but will also help you to make profits in a very short time. Your parking lot driveway will not only be empty but your guests will also have great positive reviews about your business. For more information, you can look at the website of CVPS Valet parking systems to know how you too can improve your hospitality business by availing of their software.