Who is Binod? Why is Binod trending on Social Media?

2020 has been the year of memes and trolls on Social Media. People have been spending ample of time surfing on Social Media Platforms and reacting to every sort of post. A new trend arrives with “Binod” entering the meme world. Binod is currently the most trending word on Social Media.

Who is Binod and why is he trending?

Binod is just a common man and not any celebrity. A popular Youtube Channel SlayPoint, owned by Abhyudaya and Gautami streamed a video in which they dug into the deep comments on Youtube videos. 
While scrolling down, they found a user Binod Tharu who commented his own name ‘Binod’ in the comments section. He was then trolled and the video surfaced over internet. This gained spark and people started with a new meme on trend with ‘Binod’

Binod is seen everywhere on social media, be it instagram posts or comments, twitter and facebook. Binod is the current trend on social media and we expect to see more funny memes in the future.

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binod meme
binod meme

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