Difference between WHMCS Global Services and Blesta

If you are a Web hosting business owner and you want to beat the competition in the web hosting market then you need to pick the best platform to manage all of the aspects of web hosting that involves handling account management, support services, and billing tasks.

When you go to search for the best web hosting management platform, you will find many on the internet. But here, we picked up the top two web hosting management platforms and discussed the differences between them. So, it will become easier for you to choose the best one from the two.


When you use WHMCS, it generates a detailed analytic report that includes the following sections: Income forecast, Daily performance, Annual income report, Ticket, New customers, Batch invoice PDF, and Feedback scores. It is so easy to manage and track the tickets in the control panel because when a customer submits a new ticket, you’ll immediately get an email notification of that.

When we compare the Blesta report with WHMCS, the reports are not that detailed. Blesta’s default reports include client data portability, tax liability, aging invoices, custom report, transactions received, transactions applied, package revenue, and invoice creation.

Customer Experience

With WHMCS, it becomes very easy to control everything from the control panel including register/renew/transfer domains, hosting plans, and selling domains. It doesn’t only provide basic utilities like access to clients, orders, services, and products but it also offers some add-ons services like apps and integration.

As compared to WHMCS modules, Blesta has some lesser modules on the registrar, payment gateways, and control panel. But it offers more billing options that include overpayment and partial payment options.


WHMCS has two monthly plans – the first is a starter plan that costs $15.95/month and the second is a plus plan that costs $18.95/month. In both plans, it includes 250 and more clients. They also offer a money-back guarantee for 30 days.

Blesta provides a branded plan for $12.95/month and they offer an unbranded plan at $14.95/month.


In WHMCS, the third-party developers are always there whenever you require to customize, integrate or modify the WHMCS with other systems. They help you to customize the text and phrased, client-facing UI, Extend and integrate functionalities, hook into events, interact with WHMCS remotely, and APIs for Authenticating with WHMCS.

Blesta is designed as more developer-friendly and its source code is available for edit. So, Blesta provides many customizable options for customer billing.

Business or Marketing

If you have a low budget then Blesta will be the best option for you but you have to compromise with the modules. On the other side, WHMCS provides an affiliate system that helps you to promote your hosting services.

Choosing WHMCS services would be a great choice for your business growth. Else, you can decide for yourself according to your business requirements.

I hope that this will help you to find the best choice for the grown of your Web Hosting Business.