Which Is Best Brand Of Laptop Ram? How To Install Additional Ram In Laptop?

Which Is Best Brand Of Laptop Ram? How To Install Additional Ram In Laptop? Best Ram To Buy  full details

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Which Is Best Brand Of Laptop Ram?

In India, there are several good brands of laptop RAM. You can purchase these RAMs from any of your nearest computer hardware store. Or you can buy these from https://www.amazon.in/
Here are some of the best brand of Laptop RAMs
1.     CorsairCorsair is one of the leading RAM brands, offers quality RAM for daily use and top-notch gaming computers. However, they are not limited to RAMs but also manufacture many other PC components such as power supply unit, PC casing, SSDs, and many more.
2.     Kingston: Kingston is known for its compatibility with all kinds of motherboards. No matter what type of motherboard is in your PC. Almost 95 out of 100 times, Kingston RAM would work just fine without any compatibility issues.
3.     Crucial: The company which sells DRAM to Corsair, Kingston, G-skill, and many more, which makes crucial one of the few brands who create DRAMS. Crucial is also one of the oldest RAM producers. And due to their own chipset, they are much cheaper compared to other brands.
4.     Patriot: Patriot is USA based company, while most of the other best RAM brands are Chinese. In general, Patriot offers decent quality products but are often more expensive and behind the competition.
5.     Samsung: Since Samsung is the largest creator, the quality they provide is always top-notch. But their RAMs are quite simple and do not look as appealing as other brands.
If you’re not a fan of fancy RGB lights, and multiple color flashing on your RAM. Samsung is definitely a choice to consider.

How To Install  RAM In Laptop?
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1.Turn Off The Laptop/PC Using Windows Shut Down Process
2.Unplug The Laptop’s charger cable 
3.Remove The Laptop’s Battery
4.Similar to the charger cable, disconnect all other cables connected to your laptop (Ethernet Cable, Telecom Wire)
5.Locate a small X-shaped Phillips Screwdriver
6.Turn The Laptop Such that the bottom of the laptop is facing you
7. Find the memory module slot cover
8.With the X-shaped screwdriver, carefully remove the screws that cover the memory compartment.
9.Carefully remove the new RAM from it’s packet
10. Locate an empty memory module slot
11. Pick up the RAM by its sides and aim its connectors towards the socket
12. Slowly slide the RAM into its place
13.Once the RAM slides down in its place, press down on the TOP edge to ensure that it fits perfectly into the slot
14.Take the memory compartment cover and place it over the RAM and lock it up with screws
Best Games That Can Be Played Without Graphic Card
Some of the best games that can be played without a graphic card are
1.     Max Payne 1 and Max Payne 2
2.     Counter-Strike
3.     GTA: Vice City
4.     Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne
5.     Call Of Duty 1 and Call Of Duty 2
6.     NFS Underground
7.     NFS Most Wanted
8.     FIFA 14
9.     FIFA 08
10. FIFA 07
11. Project IGI and Project IGI 2
12. Battlefield 2
13. Mafia 1
14. Far Cry 1
15. Freedom Cry
How To Change Memory Card In Laptop?

1.     Open ‘This PC/My Computer’ on your windows laptop
2.     Select The Memory Card’s Icon
3.     Right Click and select the option that says ‘EJECT’
4.     Now Pull The Memory Card From The Card Slot
The change the memory card in your laptop, use the following steps
1.  Plug that memory card into the proper card slot, located either directly on the PC’s console or via a memory card adapter attached to a USB port. 
2.  Windows instantly recognizes the card and mounts it into the computer system, making whatever information is on
the card instantly available.
Best RAMs For Laptops At Cheap Price

1. Crucial  8GB DDR4-2400 PC4-19200 CL-17 SODIMM RAM: Rs 2,304/-
2.Crucial 8GB DDR4 PC4-21300 CL-19 2666 MT/s SODIMM RAMRs 2,656/-
3. ADATA 8 GB DDR 4 MODULES: Rs 2,500/-
4. HYPER X Impact 8 GB DDR4: Rs 2,999/-
5. Kingston 4GB DDR3: Rs 1,999/-

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