What To Do If Your Roof Starts Leaking

Rain and snow can have devastating effects on your roof, especially during the colder months. Roofs can easily develop a leak that can turn into a big problem if left untreated.

 What To Do If Your Roof Starts Leaking

A leaky roof doesn’t have to be a big ordeal as long as you call for professional help quickly. Once you notice a leak in your roof, call a Ophir, California roofing contractor to repair the damage before it spreads.

Here’s a quick guide so you know what to do if you find a leak in your roof.

  1. Call a Contractor

Before you do anything else, set up an appointment with a roofing contractor to have them come to repair the damage as quickly as possible. The winter months are the worst time for leaks so be sure to act fast.

Even the smallest amount of damage can quickly turn into a major problem. It can weaken the roof and lead to sagging and possibly even collapse if left untreated. After you set an appointment, you can start minor repairs on your own.

  1. Find the Source

Using a pair of binoculars, inspect your roof for signs of damage that could have caused the leak. Do not, I repeat, do not go on your roof in bad weather, especially in the winter when ice could form on the roof. Check for broken or missing shingles or corrosion on metal roofs.

If it can be easily fixed, you can do a simple patch-up job when the weather is nice. A roofing contractor can make a better repair when they arrive.

  1. Check the Attic

Alternatively, you could be able to patch the leak from the inside. Instead of having to climb up on the roof, the attic could be the quickest way to patch the damage.

Condensation from snow and ice on the roof can weaken your attic ceiling and leak through. If you notice any dripping, that could be where the leak on the roof is located. Patch the leak or place a bucket under it to catch any water that could damage your house further. This will buy you time until your local professional contractor arrives.

If your roof is leaking, don’t panic! As long as you catch the leak quickly and follow these steps, you won’t have expensive repairs.

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