What Is Jio Glass? How To Buy The Jio Glass? Check Out The Availability, Price, And Features Here

What Is Jio Glass
Image Credits: Deccan Herald

What Is Jio Glass? How To Buy The Jio Glass? Check Out The Availability, Price, And Features Here

Mumbai: Jio Fibre has been enabling world-class connectivity at home with collaboration and entertainment solutions for everyone. And it looks like Reliance Industries Pvt Limited (RIL) has just taken things to the next level with the Jio Glass. To make all digital connections feel real, RIL has announced its latest innovation, the all-new Jio Glass. 

What Is Jio Glass?

With the Jio Glass, all digital interactions will now feel real, and people can actually feel the presence of the other person in the same room despite being physically away.  Jio Glass already supports more than 25 applications. With the Jio Glass, you can now sit at home and join a meeting with your colleagues in your office in 3D. 

Feature of jio glass 

The Jio Glass comes with a convenient cable that can be attached to your phone thus connecting you to the Internet. Weighing at just 75 grams, the Jio Glass is the perfect example of cutting-edge technology. It provides the best-in-class mixed reality services to give its user a truly immersive and memorable experience. 

Jio Glass users will get the highest glass visual experience followed by a personalized audio setup without having any accessories attached. This personalized audio setup supports all audio formats.

The Holographic video call feature allows you to join a meeting with your friends or colleagues in 3D from the comfort of your home. Jio Glass allows smooth collaboration between devices and platforms to ensure we stay connected.

Price And Availability of jio glass

RIL is yet to announce the price and availability of the Jio Glass. According to rough estimates, the Jio Glass is expected to cost around $200 (14,000 INR). The Jio Glass will start shipping from August 2020 and will be available for both individual and business use. 

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