What does FeelsGoodMan/FeelsBadMan in twitch ? ( Details + Meaning )

What does FeelsGoodMan/FeelsBadMan in twitch ? ( Details + Meaning )

What is the meaning of FeelsGoodMan and FeelsBadMan ?

FeelsGoodMan and FeelsBadMan are emoted on twitch that has meanings that are exactly opposite of each other.

The FeelsGoodMan emote is used to convey the feelings of the stream viewer when they see something good or delightful happen in the stream whereas, FeelsBadMan emote is used to express discontent and sadness of the viewer over something that has happened in the stream.

Both FeelsGoodMan and FeelsBadMan have the face of Pepe the frog.

The FeelsGoodMan emote has the frog smiling with a big grin on its face showing obvious contentment but the FeelsBadMan emote has the frog all teared up and sad.

The contrast and difference between the two is very noticeable, and that’s why they are said to be the opposite of each other.

How do I enable FeelGoodMan/FeelsBadMan on twitch ?

After adding BTTV as your browser extension you have to :

  1.  Open a twitch stream
  2.  Go to its ‘chats settings’
  3.  Click on ‘BetterTTV settings’
  4.  A menu will pop up. Enable ‘BetterTTV Emotes’ ,enable ‘Emote Menu’, enable ‘BetterTTV gif emotes’ and also enable ‘FrankerFaceZEmotes’

Now, to add BTTV emotes to your chat you may go to manage.betterttv.net and connect your twitch account to BTTV.

You can now add the FeelGoodMan/FeelsBadMan emote to your twitch account.

How to use the FeelGoodMan/FeelsBadMan emote after installing BTTV?

After you have installed BTTV, you can go to the chat window of any live stream and at the bottom, you will see a smiley button. Click on that and now you can use all your BTTV emotes including FeelGoodMan/FeelsBadMan.

When do I use the FeelsGoodMan/FeelsBadMan emote ?

You may use the FeelsGoodMan emote when you seen something very happy happening in the stream to convey the streamer and chat that you’re feeling elated.

The FeelsBadMan emote on the other hand should be used when you see something sad or rather unhappy happening in the stream. It has the exact opposite use of FeelsGoodMan.

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