What does 4head mean in twitch ?( Meaning + Details )

What does 4head mean in twitch ?( Meaning + Details )

What is the meaning of the 4head emote ?

4head is a twitch emote mostly used to laugh hysterically when the streamer makes a cringey joke. This laugh is not really a real laugh, it is a sarcastic laugh used by the audience.

The emote has the face of popular twitch streamer Cadberry smiling. His smile is as big as it gets and that’s why it’s used sarcastically.

The 4head emote is the 25th most used twitch emote as of June 2021 with over 302 Million clicks on it.

How do I get 4head emote on twitch ?

To see gif emotes on your twitch chat you need to install the BTTV extension and add it to your browser. You can do it by searching ‘BTTV download’ on your web browser.


You can do it by using this link :


How do I enable 4head on twitch ?

After adding BTTV as your browser extension you have to :

  1.  Open a twitch stream
  2.  Go to its ‘chats settings’
  3.  Click on ‘BetterTTV settings’
  4.  A menu will pop up. Enable ‘BetterTTV Emotes’ ,enable ‘Emote Menu’, enable ‘BetterTTV gif emotes’ and also enable ‘FrankerFaceZEmotes’

Now, to add BTTV emotes to your chat you may go to manage.betterttv.net and connect your twitch account to BTTV.

You can now add the 4head emote to your twitch account.

How to use the 4head emote after installing BTTV ?

After you have installed BTTV, you can go to the chat window of any live stream and at the bottom you will see a smiley button. Click on that and now you can use of all your BTTV emotes including 4head.

When do I use the 4head emote ?

You can use this emote whenever you wish to laugh or point sarcastically at a dad joke or cringe joke being made. Feel free to use the next time you see your favorite creator crack an awkward joke or maybe say a delirious pun.

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