The whole news was started when some of youtube videos tried to get fake views by using clickbait titles VIRUSHKA means virat and anushka getting divorce is totally fake and the people who trying to ruining thier profile is strictly punishable

VIRUSHKA divorce

This is clickbait of YouTube video twitter is getting worst day by day as recent tweets trend on justice for chutki was trended  and now VIRUSHKA divorce how someone can decided whether they divorce or not they are not part of about this fake news in reality it affects on thier life for ruining thier personal life career

VIRUSHKA divorce

And this image which totally spreads hate against audience what was bad in pataal lok she is producer and personally we didn’t find any inappropriate things in pataal lok and it’s web series  were anushka only produced which means she only invested money there Nothing about DIVORCE in this matter

For getting few views youtube and tweeters users making this platform  worst for user this platform was made to meet socially not for creating hate and abuses for any personal lives

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