5 Video Marketing Campaign Errors to Avoid for Your Business

Adding a video to your landing pages could increase conversions by 86%. Unfortunately, over 80% of marketers say video is the most difficult content to create. Making major video marketing campaign errors can impact your success, too.

Without a plan, you could struggle to generate leads and sales when marketing with videos.

Here are five mistakes to avoid when planning your video campaign. Learning to avoid these mistakes can set you up for success.

Improve your digital marketing strategy by avoiding these mistakes today!

1. Neglecting the Message

First, make sure your video has a singular purpose. If you try to cover too many topics at once, you could overwhelm viewers. Your content might seem disjointed, too.

You could struggle to direct viewers toward a specific action as a result.

Instead, take the time to plan a story when marketing with videos. Think about the message you want to convey. Then, write a script or outline.

Creating an outline ahead of time will help you ensure the content sticks to a single subject matter.

Remember, you can always expand broader topics for videos with future content.

2. Ignoring Brand Guidelines

About 90% of consumers expect brands to remain consistent across all platforms and channels. Maintaining brand consistency will help people become more familiar with your brand. Otherwise, consumers might confuse your business with someone else’s.

When avoiding these video marketing campaign errors, make sure to keep your brand guidelines in mind. That includes your logo, color palette, and font styles.

Consider your voice, tone, and personality when writing the script, too.

Use your video content on other platforms by converting it into a gif. You can learn how to make video into gif here.

3. Using Sales Language

Marketing with videos can help you draw consumers to your brand. You can help them learn about your business and offerings. With that in mind, try to avoid sounding too salesy.

Heavy sales language could scare viewers away. Meanwhile, they’ll struggle to learn your brand’s story.

Instead, expand on your core brand values. Connect with viewers on an emotional level.

4. Ignoring SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) can help your content rank higher on search engines like Google. Google also displays video content as featured snippets. Your videos could take up prominent space on a search page with SEO.

Neglecting SEO could impact your entire digital marketing strategy.

Instead, have a target keyword in mind when creating your video. Feature the keyword in the title and description.

5. Neglecting Analytics

Once you add video content to your digital marketing strategy, take the time to track your progress. Determine which videos help you generate traffic and leads.

Reviewing your analytics will help you make smarter decisions in the future.

Now Rolling: 5 Video Marketing Campaign Errors to Avoid

Don’t let these video marketing campaign errors impact your digital marketing strategy. Instead, take the time to develop a plan first. Then, create wow-worthy videos to draw more customers in.

With these tips, you can generate more leads and sales in no time.

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