Ways to Get Verified Badge on Twitch Platform

Well in this Peers everyone has overheard the name Twitch why it is trending how to get verified Badge on twitch, how to be pro in twitch all detail will be disclosed in this article so without consuming your time let’s bounced into the main topic

before beginning toward a topic here a small introduction about twitch, Twitch is a platform similar to youtube live where one can watch streams or can do live streaming to entertain the users, or users can use the stream for fun and entertainment and can watch the streams of games, talks, and much more live also users can donate money to the streamers in which streamers get a money

which allows streamers to make twitch stream as part of their living and getting fame well this was the intro now the question is what is a twitch verification badge what is the use of twitch verified badge, the importance of twitch verified badge so let’s get into the main topic

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What is Twitch Verified Badge

it is a purple color right tick which shows the person is authentic it is as same as Instagram, Facebook verification badge, the power of Purple tick is people perceive you trusted and can create a presence in twitch this verified badge helps the user to do affiliate marketing where the verified partner gets a partner and various brands for collaborating after you meet all the requirement and became the twitch verified partner it will allow you to earn from the platform easily by following twitch guidelines for partners also there are multiple badges such as twitch staff badge, VIP badge, Twitch Broadcaster

Ways to Get Verified on Twitch Platform

getting verified on twitch is totally simple comparing to other social media handles for getting verified you need to fulfill the criteria of twitch where one should have more than 50 followers All calculations exclude Premieres, Reruns, Subscribers Streams, and Watch Parties.

  • Need to stream for more than 500 minutes/8.5 hours in 30 days
  • Stream for a Week and should focus on content
  • 3 Unique & Concurrent Stream Viewers in 30 days which includes host and raids

Tips: focus on content and try to grow organically, speak to your viewers in a game so that they can get engaged also try to make the content as funnier you can, and be Excited and energized during the stream

after completing all these steps not instantly you will be getting verified on twitch this process takes some times but once you are on the list you will be informed about it on your registered twitch communication id

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