Everything You Wanted to Know About Vedic Astrology

Vedic astrology is an ancient science of India and is also known as Jyotisha. The word is derived from the word “Jyoti” which means “light”.  This astrological science can be beneficial both from a spiritual and practical perspective. After all, everyone knows that astrology is a divine science that can predict one’s future depending upon the planetary influences on the person. As the word “Jyoti” means “light”, Vedic astrology is also being referred to as the science of light. This is because this astrology helps one to see his present, past, and future. So, one can get an insight into his true potential by studying Vedic astrology. So, when people are dealing with the darkest period of their lives or facing a lot of hardships, they should consult with a Vedic astrologer to have a guiding thread. But, before they proceed, it’s important to know a few things about Vedic astrology. So, let’s start with its origin first, 

The Origin of Vedic Astrology: 

The Vedic astrology, Ayurveda, meditation, and yoga- all these things originated from the Vedas. This is the sacred text developed by the Indian ancient sages. The Veda was developed to help humanity achieve the highest level of peace, happiness, and fulfillment in life. As people have been suffering from sorrow and pain since the beginning, the Veda worked like a guiding thread to relieve the suffering of people. So, astrology has a strong focus. This is to reduce the suffering of people by providing them true insights. However, people often think that a Vedic astrology consultation is a key to success as one can see his future. But, this offers much more than that. 

The Philosophy of Vedic Astrology: 

There’s a philosophy behind Vedic astrology. It says that human beings are incarnated into a physical body with a purpose. And the purpose is to evolve them towards enlightenment. So, Vedic astrology provides a clear understanding of one’s integral nature. The astrologer often understands a person at his core by reading the Vedic birth chart. It’s a little different than a horoscope. The Vedic birth chart is a blueprint of one’s karma that the person may take throughout his life. This birth chart also includes the possible circumstances that may arise based on the action that the person is likely to take. It covers in-depth information on every aspect of one’s life. This includes one’s psychology, passion, securities, fears, desires, and everything. So, by reading this chart, an astrologer can predict whether the person is going to become an artist, an advisor, a teacher, or a leader. 

Benefits of A Vedic Astrology Consultation: 

There are a lot of benefits one can yield through a consultation with an expert Vedic astrologer. It helps people to answer their mundane questions including marriage, health, love, success, money, fame, power, and more. But, on a deeper level, the astrology is more about allowing oneself to understand his true self. Let’s take a look at the significant benefits that one can yield through Vedic astrology, 

  1. Know the Auspicious Time to Start A New Venture 

A lot of people wonder about the right timing when they should start their new venture. This is quite daunting without understanding the planetary influences on the person. So, by consulting with an expert Vedic astrologer, one can easily tap into the auspicious time and day to start a new venture. 

  • Get an Insight into Your Marriage Life

Finding a compatible partner is often a difficult task for most people. After all, everyone is unique in their way. So, one need to find the most compatible partner to keep their marriage life trouble-free. The Vedic astrology can demonstrate the time when a person can be enamored; including its quality, tendency, and solidness. 

  • It Helps in Yogic Practices 

Since yoga and Vedic astrology have both originated from Veda, they’re deeply connected. Out of the two houses in Vedic astrology, one is related to acute health while the other is related to chronic health. An astrologer can easily predict one’s innate predisposition to one’s powerful health by examining these houses. Also, the planetary cycles can reveal the possible timing when the person will experience good or bad health.  By knowing this information, one can easily empower their health choices. They can benefit from doing rigorous practices of yoga in the long run. So, Vedic astrology certainly helps in one’s yogic practices. 

  • Get an Insight into Your Professional Life

A lot of people feel confused when it comes to their career choices. However, a Vedic astrologer can easily predict how one can improve their professional life and what career suits them the best. By having such important suggestions, one can easily make progress in life without struggling in other fields. These are the advantages of Vedic astrology. 

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