UPSC Civil Services Exam Date Will be Released on 5th of June | Aspirants might get less time for CS Mains Exams

UPSC Civil Services exam date postponed again

UPSC recently released a notification on 20th May under which it stated that the Prelims exam date will be released on June 5 after reviewing the current situation of COVID-19 across the country. However, there are many experts in whose opinion, aspirants should be ready with the preparation of the Civil Services Mains Exam as aspirants will be left with much less time to prepare for the Mains Exam. 

Moreover, many aspirants have already shown their concern regarding the forward shift of the Mains exam. As we all know, Prelims is a factual and objective type exam whereas Mains Exam is an analytical, logical, and theory-based exam that checks the aptitude, mental reasoning, decision making, and the ability to frame a conclusive answer. Hence, it requires a totally different approach as compared to the Prelims Exam. 

The UPSC Civil Services Prelims Exam was scheduled for 31st May 2020 before the COVID-19 lockdown situation. However, since the lockdown has begun, the focus of most of the aspirants has been shifted from the preparation of the exam towards the schedule of this exam. Aspirants state that their approach, their time-table, and the preparation strategy has been affected due to the progressive shift of the tentative exam date. And most of the aspirants fear the less time they will get for the preparation of Mains exam and the answer writing practice. 

When the Admit Cards will be released by UPSC? 

UPSC admit card 2020, upsc admit card

If we follow the previous trends for the release of exam dates ad admit cards, then the dates notice will be released one month prior to the exam date and the admit cards will be available to the students 20 days prior to the exam. Moreover, as you already know, the Interview or Personality Test of UPSC CSE 2019 has also been postponed until further notice. 

Will there be Less Time for Mains Exam Preparation?

One cannot comment on the extension of the dates of the mains exam as in the case of the prelims exam. UPSC is well-known for giving surprises to the aspirants in the form of seat vacancy, seat filling, and most famously the questions asked in the exam. Till now, the UPSC CSE Mains is scheduled to be conducted on the 18th of September 2020. Seeing the date of Exam, it is highly unlikely that UPSC will shift the dates for Mains Exam. 

However, according to the exam, students need not panic from the extension of the Prelims exam and just focus on their preparation. UPSC always give ample amount of time for the preparation of exam. If you remember then a similar kind of delay has once happened in 2013 when the UPSC pattern was the point of discussion but even then the students were provided with the proper time. The Mains exam was delayed by a month and was conducted in December 2013 then. But if this will happen even this time, one cannot say. The students are thus advised to keep their preparations uptight and not lose focus. 

The preparation of UPSC CSE Prelims and Mains is done with a holistic approach and not explicitly. Some, topics of Mains might not be mentioned in the Prelims Syllabus and vice-versa but it will surely help you in the interview round. 

The aspirant’s put
all their time and money while preparing for the topmost examination of India. They must now not ease themselves or must not excite themselves too much as the dates have been now postponed again. The speculation may lead to an uncalm mind which would be troublesome for preparation. the candidates also must not believe in any other sources other than official sources from the Commission for regular updates. So stay calm and focus. 

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