Information about upcoming skins in Mobile Legends May 2021 leaked.

Information about upcoming skins in Mobile Legends May 2021 leaked.

Information about upcoming skins in Mobile Legends May 2021 leaked.

The game has a number of playable characters to choose from and also each character has its variations in skin. These skins can either be bought through in-game purchases or can be achieved by completing some tasks. Recently, Dataminers leaked few upcoming skin details for MLBB May 2021. These skins will be completely based on new ideas and will vary from the starlight, epic, legendary, zodiac, or special skins that are available for a particular hero. upcoming skins in Mobile Legends

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Upcoming skins to watch out for in MLBB in May 2021.

As per the information from Dataminer drfrixkun, about 11 skins are to be released by May 2021 in MLBB. Also, a new hero named Phoveus will be available for free throughout the 515 Party event. Given below is the list of upcoming skins in MLBB on May 2021:

1.May 1: Yi Sun-Shin: Azure Sentry Starlight

2.May 5:Yu Zhong: Blood Serpent Collector

3.May 8: Brody S.T.U.N. Brody Limited

4.May 11: Phoveus Free during 515 Party

5.May 13: Mathilda Elite skin

6.May 15: Selena S.T.U.N. Selena

7.May 15: Harith Fashion Expert

8.May 21: Selena Gemini-Shadow

9.May 21:Karina Gemini-Halo

10.May 22: Cyclops Master Yoda

11.May 22:  Argus Death Vader  

12.May 24: Baxia Special skin

13.June 1: Jawhead Candy-bear

The Dataminer also mentioned that Star wars collab skins for MLBB will be region based and will only be available for regions Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Phillipines, Cambodia, Thailand, Brunei, Laos, East Timor and Japan.

However, it is also to be noted that the official release dates haven’t been announced yet and it’s only information received from a source. But, it’s also trustworthy so we thought of sharing this information with our viewers. Do comment on your views below.

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