Unfolding at Nashik hospital where an oxygen tanker has leaked

The utter tragedy unfolding at #nashik hospital where an oxygen tanker has leaked and casualties are mounting for Covid patients being treated on high flow oxygen. 22 have died and those numbers could rise. Patients on ventilators being moved to other hospitals ⁦

22 Patents found dead in Nashik Oxigen leaked Incident There was a Sudden oxygen Tank Leaked in the hospital the workers immediately informed the fire brigade team 22 people lost their lives the incident happened at Zakir Hussien Municipal Hospital in Nashik

Nashik minister of civil supplies and consumer protection and guardian minister said the incident is very unfortunate , chhagan Bhujbal is on his way to Nashik he was In Mumbai and Recently While Cm uddhav Thackeray announces financial help for the families who lost their loved ones with 5lakhs INR

The Refiler was refueling the oxygen tank at 12:30 afternoons as soon he notices the leaks he visited the hospital and inspected the leaks of oxygen where due to leaking the oxygen was not Reaching the patients which lead to the death of 22 Covid Patients the incident is unfortunates while politicians were seen as blaming the hospitals and politicians however its a small request to politicians that the incident is unfortunate and no one can blame the responsibility

According to the sources 67 Patients were in critical condition and 15 patients were on Ventilators the hospital was having capacity of beds of upto 150 due to spikes in covid cases the hospital decided to increase capacity upto 10 + out of which 130 Patients were on oxygen


out of 22 dead patients 11 were on ventilators and rest was on oxygen as per hospital workers where 5 patients is been shifted to another hospital where Zakir Hussien Hospital is resolving the leakage issues where Maharashtra cm announce to Probe this incident with the team of Ias And Senior Engineers who will look upto matter and inspect the full incident in no time

PM Narendra Modi Tweeted about the incident and said ” he is sad for the incident and for the families who lost thier loved one also Pm tweeted in Marathi Language here the tweet of PM Narendra modi in Marathi

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