Hilarious and interesting Twitter banter among Team Secret, Alliance, and OG.

Dota 2 is a PVP multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Valve Corporation. It is designed by  IceFrog. This game has gained a lot of popularity since the day it was first released on 9 July 2013. It was mainly released on various platforms like Microsoft Windows, Linux, Classic Mac OS. The teams like Team Secret, Team Alliance, and Team OG gained money and fame through this game and are now at their peak of performance and popularity.

It’s almost known to all the people who follow E-sports ,that Team Secret and Team OG never leave any chance to troll each other over various social platforms. But this time, another famous European team;Alliance has also stepped in the funny and playful battle over social media.

Recently Team Secret tweeted on a photo of an anti-mage trying to last hit a creep and asked their followers to tag someone who’d miss the last hit. Team Alliance then itself mocked OG by tagging them in there. They tagged OG’s carry, Anathan Pham, which further led to a series of funny replies and friendly bashings. OG also spiced up their series against Alliance that’s gonna be held on 21 April in another tweet as a reply to the previous.

OG has been in the trend with various sarcastic and funny memes with their carry Ana as target.Time to time various teams of DOTA 2 have been involved in these funny banter over Twitter and this gives the followers quite the fun. Alliance also targeted OG and tagged in their caryy Ana. As a reply to this,Team Secret rated the team Alliance 10/10 in their “audacity “levels as Team Alliance is to face OG in their next EU 2021 DPC Season 2:Upper division Series. Alliance then replied to the previous tweets with “You either die as hero or live long enough to get fountain farmed”. Thus, providing hints to Team OG that they might get fountain farmed in the upcoming matches.

This was when OG showed them their wittiest side and added more fun to the Twitter funny battle. They replied to Alliance’s tweet as “Don’two worry we’re bringing our A game too”

Looking at their tweets, it seems like The teams of DOTA 2 are filled with quite the zeal and enthusiasm for the upcoming tournaments and series. The real battle will be seen soon as all these teams fight  for the top position of Upper division of EU 2021 DPC Season 2.It will also be interesting to see which team finally wins in the real battle after this hilarious banter on Twitter.

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