Turning 20: Independence or Nerve-wracking?

Turning twenty can really have an emotional turmoil on us. You are no more a teen but you are not a full grown adult either. It’s extremely overwhelming to think that in another 10 years your life will take a 360 degree turn.

Its’s nerve wrecking yet very exciting. I turned 20 a few days back and the day was filled with different emotions, happy and disappointed at times. Here are a few things I felt that day.

Mixed Emotions

The day started off well and I was having the time of my life where I partied and ate good food but then there was a sudden wave of anxiousness that just hit me like a storm and I just got extremely sad and demotivated.

Losing People

These years are the most crucial years of your life where you meet so many people, love for the first time and you also lose a lot of people who were once very close to you. It’s funny and sad how one year changes everything. People change, love ends but life goes on. It’s hard to picture a birthday without the person you love but also remember that you are surrounded with so many people who love and admire you.

Sense of Responsibility

You suddenly feel very old because you are out of your teens and life will really pull you up and down emotionally and physically. You might be married, a parent, a successful person, move to another country or maybe an avid single traveler in the next few years. You will evolve and grow as a person and learn from every single thing.

Premium Photo | Sad child sits alone on her birthday. depression from lack  of friends

Looking Back

Yes, it’s obvious that you would definitely cringe looking back at all the goof ups and the shenanigans that have happened in the past. But you are here now, you have flourished immensely as a person and learnt so much from all those bittersweet experiences. Never regret falling in love, broken friendships or anything that once made you happy.



I honestly want to start maintaining a journal this year because these years are extremely confusing and complicated. There is absolutely no point in bottling up feeling but it’s also difficult to vent out. Journaling is the best way to emote all your feelings in a great and organized way.

Relationships and Friendships

Cherish and love the people who have always been there for you and let go of the selfish ones, it’s very difficult but you are only 20 and you still have to meet so many new and beautiful people. Let go of the people who don’t value you. The right person will never make you feel unwanted despite all the possible circumstances.

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I’ve come to a realisation that I don’t want unnecessary gifts. No, I am not trying to demean anyone. But I just don’t want gifts that don’t make sense. Its 2021 stop with the cliché perfume and bracelets already! Gift something that the person will always remember, a sweet hand written note or anything that is meaningful.

While the possible obstacles we confront in our twenties may feel frightening at the time, we as humans appear to have a marvelous way of learning on the job and adjusting to tackle the problems that are thrown at us. So, put down the paper bag you’ve been hyperventilating in and take a deep breath. Guys, we can do it!

It’s a mad feeling but honestly you’ll get through it in the most beautiful way! Party and just live your life to the fullest because trust me you’ll never get these joyful and wild years again!

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