Top Pick Tissot Watches to Check Out Today

If you are an avid lover of luxury watches, you are most likely aware of the presence of Swatch Group Ltd in the watchmaking industry. It has been a notable manufacturer of timepieces and jewelry items since 1983. It is the most popular watch company worldwide with more than 36 000 high-skilled employees. It owns Tissot, which is one of the watch brands that use Swiss movements. Watch collectors and enthusiasts buy from it if they are after highly innovative timepieces. 

Swatch group positions Tissot in the market as a mid-range brand. It means that the prices of its watches are higher than the high-street manufacturers but lower than most Swiss brands such as Rolex, Omega, and Longines. Keep reading if you want to widen your knowledge about Tissot!

Understanding Tissot’s history

Like many of the big names in the watchmaking industry, the company has been producing durable Tissot watches for more than a century already. It was founded by Charles-Felicien Tissot and his son in the mid-1800s. They found out that Switzerland had a high demand for timepieces, so they placed the company in Le Locle, one of the biggest towns in the country. A few years later, they expanded their operations to target the Russian market. 

In the 1930s, it partnered with Omega which resulted in higher sales and larger audiences from around the world. Additionally, it led to the creation of innovative timepieces such as the first anti-magnetic watch. It was also the pioneer in using plastic, stone, and wood materials in producing its products. The recent milestone achieved by the brand is the introduction of the T-touch line. It features a touch-sensitive glass making it easier for you to read the time and customize how it looks.  

Is Tissot a luxury brand?

Tissot offers extremely affordable watches which is why people fail to realize that it is a luxury brand. They thought that to be luxurious, it must be expensive. But this concept is not entirely true in the case of Tissot. It might be at a much lower price-point compared to other luxury brands but it guarantees high-quality timepieces. Aside from having a rich Swiss heritage, it also uses movements like ETA’s 2892-A2 which you can commonly find in watches of Omega, Longines, and International Watch Company.

Top pick Tissot watches today

  1. T-Classic T127.410.11.051.00

This watch model is a classically styled dress watch with a large case diameter. It is wider and thicker than the earlier generations of the T-Classic collection. It is one of the top picks of watch collectors because of the simple things it can do. There is a black dial with plan hands and indexes coated in luminescence. The minimum amount of text on the dial makes it even more minimalist. It has the usual aesthetic that the brand usually employs by using clean lines and a simple dial. The durable 40 mm stainless steel case with sapphire crystal hides the real workmanship. It is powered by the ETA caliber F06.115. 

  1. T-Sport T116.407.11.051.00

The T-Sport T116.407.11.051.00 is another plain model dominated by black and silver. It is an attractive watch because it is not easy to break or damage, allowing you to benefit from it for the years to come. By just looking at its dial, case, and band, there is no doubt that it is a sports watch. But unlike the sports watches offered by the brand, it does not look too busy and colorful. It is a viable watch option if you opt to have a classic and simple accessory on your wrist. The case measures 27.4 mm in diameter which is not too large yet still a sturdy piece. You can view and examine it through the transparent case back. There are a few additional touches to make it more interesting including a 100 m water resistance. 

  1. Touch Collection T121.420.47.01.04

This watch under the Touch collection has a robust look that you can boast to your friends or colleagues. It is the most expensive watch on the list because it has great features that other brands fail to incorporate into their products. You can modify the watch face by touching it. It is made possible by its touch-sensitive glass. Aside from that, it features a black dial with orange-tone indexes and hands. For the case, the brand used titanium materials composed of scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. Unfortunately, it has a solid back preventing you from seeing the intricate quartz movement. 

In a Nutshell

Tissot may be an entry-level Swiss watch brand, but it can provide you with watches with quality and durability at par with Rolex and Omega. The top pick models listed above are available on Their prices range from a hundred to a few thousand dollars. Visit the website to discover more affordable watch options with a variety of designs!