Top 8 Books to read about Money

Today we have brought the article for all finance learners and lovers in this article we have mentioned about Top 8 Books to read about Money. After Covid 19 There is progressed in the Business sector and a reduction in jobs as everyone in this generation hates to work for others instead they have startups minds but they failed due to insufficient funds so here we have mentioned 8 books which are already sold and rank on top finance authors where you can get the details about money-making industries

Top 8 Books to read about Money By Readerscook

  1. Richest Man In Babylon;

By George Clason:- It is a book which tries to show us that the basic rules of Money & Wealth Building are same since the ancient times. The book has been almost been in the market after a century since its launch in 1926 and still is one of the most recommended books by experts in the field of Personal Finance

  1. RETIRE RICH Invest Rs 40 a day;

By P.V Subrahmanyan The main aim of the books is to tell you to start early with your retirement planning as and when as soon as you start planning the Richer you retire in life and have a great retired life. The author implies that one needs to invest just Rs 40/- daily with some proper investment planning and you will retire rich
  1. The Psychology of Money;

By Morgan Housel, The Book shows the psychology of people towards money and how it affects their wealth. The book tells the story of a Janitor who had 8 million dollars in savings when he died and through this story, the author teaches us how one’s behavior towards money is more important than one’s knowledge or degree, it also teaches the power of savings and how compounding work’s and if used properly can make you wealthy in life.

  1. Romancing The Balance Sheet

By Anil Lamba, It is a book written by Anil Lamba who is a chartered accountant. This book tries to teach things related to finance management at the most basic level for those people who have problems understanding terms and theories related to finance and its application in life. The book is especially for people who have zero Financial background. The book teaches how to read financial statements like a Balance Sheet or a Profit and Loss A/c in the most simple way possible.

  1. One Up on Wall Street; By John Rothchild and Peter Lynch

The book is written by Peter Lynch an American Investor and a Mutual Fund Manager. He was the manager of Magellan Fund from 1977 to 1990 Lynch gave an average annual return of more than 29.2% consistently which was more than twice the return of the S&P 500 market index at that time. The lesson that Lynch want’s to give to it’s the reader’s through the book is CONSUMPTION=PROFIT i.e Investors should invest in the stocks of the company that they use and consume in their day to day lives as those are the company’s which have a large consumption and it leads to a profit of the investor who invests in those companies.

  1. How to Make Money in Stocks: A Winning System in Good Times and Bad, Fourth Edition
    ; By William O’Neil

William O’Neil is an American Entrepreneur, Stock Broker, and founder of the brokerage firm William O’Neil & Co.Inc he also is the founder of the American Business Newspaper Investor’s Business daily which was founded in 1984. Through the book, O’Neil teaches that one must have the tools for deciding whether the market is in a Bull Run or a Bear Run it is important because it is helpful for living leverage in a Bull Market while raising cash in a Bear Market will increase once the profits and gains of the investor tremendously.

  1. The Warren Buffett Way; By Rober Hagston

In this book, Robert Hagston outlines and demonstrates the strategies of American Investor and Business Tycoon Warren Buffett. Warren Buffet is the Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. Warren started investing at the age of 11 and through the method of value investing he has a total net worth of over 100.6 Billion US Dollars as of April 2021 which makes him the Seventh Wealthiest person in the world. The book focuses on the Business tactics and teachings of Warren Buffett for people on how to start value investing and how value investing will help one increase their wealth. The Book is a must-read for someone who wants to start investing and build an empire of their own.

  1. Rich Dad Poor Dad; By Robert Kiyoskai

Robert Kiyoskai is an American Businessman and a financial educator. He is the founder of Rich Dad company an organization that focuses on providing Personal Finance education to people through Books and Videos. In the book, Robert talks about how his best friend’s father whom he calls Rich Dad in the book teaches him the Basics of Wealth Building and how not to work for Money and make Money work for us. In the Book, Robert also talks about the lessons that Rich and Wealthy teach their
children regarding money. In the book, he also talks about all the misconceptions that the poor and middle class about money and gives the answers to those misconceptions.

these were the Top 8 Books to read about Money which book fans you are comment below