Top 5 Pubg Players In the World

Top 5 Pubg Players In the World: The Player Unknown Battleground is the biggest gaming platform in the world and ranks under 10th in the gaming industry the game has made many  streamer careers and online game player  career such as  ESports organization

 the game has already created thousands of opportunities in the gaming industry such as streaming Esports tournament Gaming casting news the game is currently banned in India due to India China conflict but soon came will be unbanned in India and soon on the Play Store

 the rank of a player is provided by readerscook analysis of their Esports and pubg performance the ranking is from last to first so let’s move into Top 5 Pubg Players In the World

  • 5 Sixless
Sixless Pubg

 Sixless he is a professional Esports player Sixless is a member of team Cloud 9    due to controversy with the Indian player later he was removed from the team Cloud 9

  • 4 Btr luxxy
Btr Luxxy

Team BTR has already known for the performance sharpness and instant action BTR  is an Indonesian based clan and e-sports Organisation 

The Organisation was set up on 28 March 2017  BTR has already got sponsorship from top multinational brands such as MI and Red Bull


The Team BTR has already won the most popular team award in the 2020 PMWL 

BTR Team Player Names 






  • 3 Jonathan
Jonathan Pubg Image

 Jonathan is a pubg is sports player Jonathan full name is a Jonathan Amral  Jonathan is a part of tsm entity based organization  which  comes under top Esports organization in India

 Jonathan is the one who ranked in the top five in PMCO of global finals from India also known as one of the best assaulters in India

  • 2 Ryzen


Ryzen is Pro Pubg Player who represent the Indonesian organization which is known as BTR BIGETRON 

Ryzen already won many awards in Pmpl and PMWL knew for his sharpness during the Tournament

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  • 1 Para Boy
Para boy  image

Para boy is a member of NOVA XQF Esports organization which is owned by Xiamen Qingshoutang culture media  Co Ltd Force  e-sports organization name Xiamen   quest force

The team is Chinese based organization which is what the Chinese are known for in the pubg industry

 Para Boy is also known as the god of DMR  guns

According to Readerscook Para boy is the number 1 pubg player in the world after analyzing the gameplay and ESports rankings

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  here was the list of top 5 pubg players in the world  what’re your views on the top pubg player comment below