Top 10 singles in Korea 2020 , best korean album 2020

Top 10 singles in Korea  2020
Top 10 singles in Korea  2020 

Top 10 singles in Korea 2020 best Korean singles should be listening if you are k-pop fan 


 Consistently, the Korean music industry has presented a wide cluster of music that spans over the globe, exploring different avenues regarding the restrictions of popular music. This year was the same, with artists conveying singles both compelling and meaningful. 


For any individual who despite everything thinks K-pop was a passing prevailing fashion or a specialty subset best left to the “world music” borders, the ongoing revitalizing of the fandoms (also a large group of vivacious new deliveries) has underlined the way that K-pop is something beyond another abroad import — it’s authoritatively a worldwide power. 


Since we’re stuck at home, there will never be a superior opportunity to give K-pop a tune in. Regardless of whether you don’t exactly comprehend the words, these tracks tear and thunder with a vitality, satisfaction, and force you won’t have the option to deny.


We set out to really focus to figure out what were the stand-apart melodies emerging from the Korean scene amid this pandemic. Zeroing in on singles, we named the best 10 melodies of 2020 and shared our contemplations beneath.


1. Dynamite by BTS

“Dynamite” denotes BTS’s first single sung totally in English. The four-minute video keeps things light with brilliant and splendid scenes highlighting the seven individuals with retro idea props, haircuts, and clothing. As indicated by an official statement, “The song aims to bring a new surge of much-needed ‘energy’ to reinvigorate the global community amid Covid-19.” 

2. Beach Again by SSAK3

“Beach Again” is the debut digital single by SSAK3. It was delivered on July 18, 2020, and is their first original release. The tune was performed on SSAK3’s presentation stage on Music Center on July 25, 2020, and will be remembered for their forthcoming uncommon collection’s physical deliver
y. It accomplished an ideal all-execute on the Korean significant music outlines, the fifth to do as such in 2020. 

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3. Nunu Nana by Jessi

“Nunu Nana” is a melody recorded by American rapper and artist Jessi. It was delivered on July 30, 2020, by P Country and distributed by Kakao M as the lead single from her second expanded play Nuna (2020). “NUNU NANA” is a hip hop move track with pop elements. The verses express Jessi’s conviction of living as indicated by one’s own point of view instead of focusing on others. 


4. Maria by Hwasa and Mamamoo

María is the debut extended play by South Korean vocalist and Mamamoo member Hwasa. It was delivered on June 29, 2020, through RBW. The EP was upheld by two singles: the lead single “Twit”, which arrived at number one in South Korea, and the title track. Hwasa expressed that the collection “is like a diary that contains the emotions she felt as a 24-year-old”. 

5. When We Disco by JYPark and SUNMI

“When We Disco” is a tune recorded by South Korean artist musicians J. Y. Park and Sunmi. Composed and formed by Park, it was delivered as a digital single on August 12, 2020, by JYP Entertainment. 

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6. How You Like That by BLACKPINK

“How You Like That” is a melody recorded by the South Korean girl gang Blackpink. It was delivered on June 26, 2020, through YG and Interscope, as the first pre-release single from the group’s up and coming first Korean-language studio collection, The Album, which is set for discharge on October 2, 2020. The track was co-composed by Danny Chung and Teddy Park, with the last, just as R. Tee and 24 credited as makers.

7. Borrow Your Drunkenness by SANDEUL 


8. IceCream by BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez

“Ice Cream” is a melody by South Korean girl group Blackpink and American vocalist Selena Gomez. It was delivered on August 28, 2020, as the second single of Blackpink’s forthcoming introduction Korean-language studio collection, The Collection. The melody was composed by Gomez, Teddy, Tommy Brown, Ariana Grande, Victoria Monét, Bekah BOOM, 24, Steven Franks, and produced by Teddy, Brown, 24, and Franks. This is an electropop and bubblegum pop melody with components of trap. Melodiously, the tune basically comprises of ice cream-related double entendres.


9. Eight by IU and SUGA

“Eight” is a tune recorded by South Korean artist lyricist IU including Suga, the rapper of South Korean boy band BTS. It was delivered as a digital single on May 6, 2020, by EDAM Entertainment. It is IU’s first single after the arrival of her fifth EP Love Poem(2019). The melody was composed by IU, Suga, and El Capitxn and delivered by Suga. Musically, “Eight” has been depicted as a “nostalgic” pop-rock tune with verses that discover IU admitting as a twenty-eight-year-old, utilizing a virtual figure and different analogies. 

10. Not Shy by ITZY

“Not Shy” is a melody recorded by South Korean girl group ITZY. It is the first and title track from their third broadened play Not Shy. This tune is ITZY’s first tune with the subject of Adoration, this melody was remembered for the Not Shy Collection. 


These are the list of top 10 Korean singles of 2020 if you have any question, please comment below we would love to answer

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