11-year-old boy Tomiii 11 break several records of YouTube after getting 6 million Plus subscribers on YouTube

11-year-old boy break several records of YouTube after getting 6 million Plus subscribers on YouTube: The 11-year-old boy became an internet sensation overnight  and he broke several records of the internet and got 6 million subscribers within a week’s this 11-year-old boy name is Tomas 

Tomiii 11 is suffering from cancer and His wish  was to become a famous YouTuber People with good heart came in support of this little boy and help him to get millions of subscribers and to become a famous YouTuber

The real name of Tomiii 11 is Thomas  he is suffering from brain cancer And he had a wish to become a famous YouTuber Somehow he story got viral on social media due to which he got millions of subscriber  within the limit of the period of time

Tomiii 11 is very happy and thanks to his subscribers for giving support The boy has broken different YouTube record of getting subscriber within a limited period of time  and now he is happy that people from different parts came in support to help  him for reaching the subscriber

Has uploaded his first video on the YouTube platform on 19 March Where he was seen dancing and enjoying his life his father was encouraging him to be happy, fun tomiii11 father  edits video and manage the YouTube  channel of Tomii 11

Now he has reached 6 million subscribers  YouTube official will soon send him the silver and gold button according to its channel name and even the gift from YouTube will be expected soon as he broke the several records

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