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Ratings of popular Chinese Video-sharing social networking application Tik-Tok has fallen down on the universal Google Play Store and the Apple owned App Store. Tik Tok Ratings is the current talk of town and is the outcome of the controversy of Youtube vs Tik Tok, which was a spat between popular Youtuber Carry Minati (Ajey Nagar) and Tik Tok Star Amir Siddiqui.

Tik Tok, owned by Chinese company ByteDance, has most numbers of downloads and followers in India. Meanwhile, the controversy also took place in India, which is the reason for its tremendous downfall on Play and the App Store. Tik Tok Ratings are severely hit in the past week.

What is the Youtube vs Tik Tok Controversy?

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An online spat grew between Carry Minati (Youtube) and Amir Siddiqui (Tik Tok). Tik Tok Ratings down breakout is assumed to be for this reason. Amir Siddiqui supported the Tik Tok community and insulted the Youtube community. In response, Carry Minati posted a video on his Youtube channel which became the most liked Indian video till date. It broke several records which include the fastest video to gain 5 million likes and the fastest video to gain 50 Million views.

In response, Amir Siddiqui posted his video on Youtube and claimed that he is against cyber bullying. This raised doubt on Amir as the next day, Carry’s video was deleted from Youtube for the same reason which Amir stated he is against the previous day.
Tik Tok ratings started to decline from this day.

Carry Minati gained public support after this incident. Carry’s video was loved by all the Indians and his loyalty towards his fans and community helped him go through the incident. After this, Tik Tok ratings went down and Indian fans started boycotting Tik Tok and rated it 1 star on universal Play Store and App Store.

Popular Instagram Pages such as Dekh Bhai, Memes, etc came in support of Carry Minati. They promoted him and urged their followers to uninstall Tik Tok and rate it 1 star on the universal Play Store and App Store. Social Media Influencers and Youtubers, Bhuvan Bam, Ashish Chanchalani, Hindustani Bhau came in support of Carry and deleted Tik Tok on live video. These all incidents took Tik Tok Ratings to all time low.

Ban Tik-Tok. How did this movement gained momentum?

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Tik Tok Star Faizal Siddiqui posted a video on his Tik Tok Account on Monday. The video depicted that a girl left him for a guy and the guy later betrayed her. Then Faizal seemed to throw acid on her face and the girl has prosthetic make up on face, seem to be an acid attack victim. This video is also responsible for Tik Tok Ratings decrease break out.

The video faced severe criticism on social media for promoting acid attack on women. Legal action was taken against Faizal Siddiqui. The National Commission for Women issued a notice to the Grievances Head of Tik Tok India after which Faizal Siddiqui’s Tik Tok Account was taken down.
The NCW also wrote a letter to the Commissioner of Police, Mumbai City. After this incident, Tik Tok Ratings started to fall tremendously.

Ban Tik Tok movement started to gain momentum after this incident. The movement started on twitter and gained tremendous support of Indian public. The people asked the government to ban Tik Tok in India as the content defames individuals, can increase crime against women, and give rise to explicit media. Tik Tok ratings are now under the average after the eruption of Indian public and media.

What is the Current Tik Tok Rating?

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The Current Tik Tok Rating on the Universal Google Play Store is as low as 2 Stars. The Tik Tok Rating on the Apple App Store has declined from 5 Stars to 4 Stars in only 3 days. Meanwhile, the ratings on Universal Play Store a couple of days ago was 4.8 Stars.

As the trend is gaining momentum each passing day, it is expected that the Tik Tok Rating on Play Store may fall to 1 star at the end of this week. The Tik Tok Rating on Apple App Store might fall to 3 Star by this weekend.

The Tik Tok Ratings will have adverse effect on the revenue of the application. The Chinese application will also lose its global dignity and popularity as the Tik Tok ratings have fallen below the average on Universal Play Store. 

The current incident has shown the unity of Indians and their appreciation for Youtube content. We too condemn the videos by Faizal Siddiqui and stand strong in support of Youtube and against the Tik Tok. #TikTokRatings; #BanTikTok.

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