Things you Should know about Fashion Designing In 2021

The Art of Fashion Designing 2021

Do you often catch yourself redesigning the clothes you see in markets? Does your world revolve around fashion? Do you often check out fashion bloggers on social media and wonder about the efforts that go into it? Well, you are at the right place, because today, we are going to decipher the whole journey of fashion designing from A to Z.

What is fashion designing?

Fashion Designing is the ‘art’ of applying designs, aesthetics, and creativity to clothing and accessories. We generally have this idea that fashion designing is only concerned with clothing but we need to understand that designing can be related to a variety of accessories like handbags, necklaces, shoes, etc.

What are the qualities which are needed for being a fashion designer?

The foremost qualities one needs, to take up any form of career are- Aspiration and inspiration. But in this segment, we aim at talking about the ‘skills which are needed to take up fashion designing as a career. The questions we face from most of the aspirants of this field vary from “Do we need to have a professional degree for taking up this career?” to “Do we need to be really good at drawing to master this course?”

These questions turn out to be very hypothetical and hence, have miscellaneous answers. Although we do not NEED a professional degree to enter the world of fashion designing, an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in fashion designing would be considered more in big institutions and jobs. You also do not purposefully need extreme drawing skills to be a designer as we have mentioned first hand that designing includes a wider range of accessories other than just clothing but this skill would also be appreciated when it comes to employment

Eligibility, Fees and Institutions for Fashion Designing Courses 2021

Any student who has passed their class 12th with any stream (Science/commerce/arts) can take up this course at the Under Graduate level and then apply for a master’s degree in the latter. The course fees lies from 7 lakhs rupees to 23 lakhs rupees in private colleges and 11 lakhs to 15 lakhs in public colleges.

The best colleges for the course are:


Pearl Academy, Delhi

NIFT, Kolkata

Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune

Pearl Academy, Jaipur

Amity School of Fashion Technology, Noida


NIFT, Delhi

NIFT, Bangalore

NIFT, Chennai

NIFT, Patna

NIFT, Gandhinagar

About Various Opportunities and Fashion shows

After getting into a good college, you are automatically offered various internships, jobs, and fashion shows to work in. If your work is good enough, you might be offered to work with fashion magazines and even be offered sponsorships. If you have great competency skills and a sense of responsibility, then these fashion shows are made for you because you get to face new challenges and challenges and open up to the world when you go for the latter. If the authority takes a glimpse of your great potential, they might also give you sponsorships for the expenses of your designing and become your mentors! Apart from this, Free-lancing is coming out as one the biggest employer of fashion designing aspirants and is totally based on your talent!

Online Internships and Courses and are they beneficial?

Although online courses don’t provide you with as much expertise as manual practice does, it seems to be a great introduction to the world of fashion designing since we are all stuck at home because of the pandemic! Some websites that provide you with good internships regarding this field are- Internshala, Handshake, Pearl Academy, and a thousand more. You can look for various diplomas on their websites. It is also advised that once you get the chance, you should definitely try your hand at face-to-face coaching because they give you a much better inspection of your practical work. Also, rejection and the struggle to overcome it is the key to success, remember it! Conclusion- In this modern world, where figures are valued more than the clothes that grip them, fashion designing seems to be losing its essence. But while fashion blogging has its significance, fashion designing is, and will always be the key behind it because fashion designers don’t only design clothes, THEY ALSO DESIGN DREAMS ALONG WITH IT !!

  • Online courses
  • Figures are valued more than the clothes

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