The True Value of Honeycomb

Many people around the world get affected by colds, and not just in winter but during other seasons as well. This is likely to be prevalent more in areas where the weather fluctuates a lot, as well as places where air pollution is high. In general, winter is an excellent time to give antioxidants and important vitamins to the body. Honey also plays an important part in soothing sore throats and can be consumed on a daily basis.

Honey and Bees

Honey has been obtained from bees, which were and continue to be the only source for the substance. Extraction of honey has been the main reason for rearing them over several years. The people who know where to get honeycomb get a chance to eat the main fruit of bee labor. Eating directly from the comb may sound risky to many, but it does include its fair share of health benefits, such as:

  • Reduced risk of infection due to better immunity
  • Healthy Liver
  • Healthy Heart

Of course, there is no need for an individual to directly try to extract honeycomb. There are well known companies online that do this work, and sell their products at affordable rates. However, to be on the safe side, buyers must check with their doctors before consuming honeycomb.

Most doctors advice their customers to not consume junk foods during winter as the body finds it difficult to fight infection in outside cooked food during this time. With a stronger immunity in winter, there are always lesser chances of getting infected. 

Benefits of Honeycomb

Just because honey is sweet, this does not mean that it comes in the same product classification as sugar. Honey’s structure is very different from that of sugar, and so are its uses. Apart from the benefits of honeycomb mentioned earlier, here are more:

  1. Cough suppressant and chest expectorant
  2. Does not require refrigeration
  3. Behaves as an anti inflammatory agent
  4. No added sugars or salts are present
  5. Low Sodium Content
  6. Highly suitable for Paleo Diet

Harmful Effects

No ingredient can be useful 100% of the time and honeycomb is no exception. Excess consumption can lead to major problems, some of which are listed below:

  1. Infants below 12 months of age must not be given honeycomb as they may die due to botulism spores present in the substance
  2. It may cause obesity among adults
  3. High risk of diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases

Individuals such as body builders and heavy workers who require a lot of protein in their diets must not consume honey comb as it contains very little protein content.

Buy from Reputed Websites

Although there are a lot of websites that sell honeycomb on the Internet, customers must be wary and choose only from the top companies. Unknown companies may sell processed honey by declaring it as honeycomb. This is an unfair practice because honeycomb is unprocessed, thereby meaning that micronutrients are intact. When processed by addition of preservatives, honey loses significant nutrition value. 

Most Suitable for Very Young and Old

Out of entire populations, the very young and very old find it particularly hard to adapt to periodic weather fluctuations. To prevent children from developing throat infections, those above 12 months of age should be given honeycomb granola bars. However, doctor recommendations would be necessary to give them to very old people. It is also important to remember that though honeycomb does sooth colds, it does not relieve people of the same completely.

Best Honeycomb Combinations

Pure honeycomb is always the most delicious form of this substance, but there are combinations that people may find to be tastier and more nutritious. Here are the classical combinations:

  1. Honeycomb on Toast– Honeycomb layers on toasted bread work well for some people. Some more ingredients such as avocado, basil, and toasted cheese may be added to elevate the taste further.
  2. Honeycomb and Chocolate – Imagine sitting next to a fire on a cold winter evening and sipping on hot chocolate mixed with raw honeycomb. Divine, isn’t it?
  3. Honeycomb and Cheese– The taste and visual appeal of honeycomb brings it to the same level as cheese. Hard and salty cheeses are best used as combinations, along with fruits, nuts, berries, and bread in any combination.

Frequent Honeycomb Questions

First time honeycomb buyers generally ask the following questions:

  1. Is honeycomb vegan?

Honey is extracted from bees, which means it may not be considered a purely vegan product

  • Can honeycombs be frozen?

Yes, people without adequate storage space or without plans of consumption for a few years can freeze it

  • For how long does it remain good?

Honeycomb does not become worse over time unless its storage container is not airtight and moisture or other impurities enter. It can easily be stored within a sealed container at room temperature.

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