The Chaos Chapter: Freeze mp3 Download | ringtone & Video

The Chaos Chapter: Freeze mp3 Download | ringtone & Video

The Chaos Chapter: Freeze is the upcoming comeback album of K-pop boyband Tomorrow X Together also known as TXT. The director of this song is Guzzi. On 30th April 2021, they released a short trailer declaring the release of their album filled with a long list of Korean Sing. The album is going to be released on the 31st of May, 2021. The Korean song lovers are going crazy for it and can’t wait any longer.

The First Look Of The Album:

The Chaos Chapter: Freeze mp3 Download | ringtone & Video
The Chaos Chapter: Freeze mp3 Download | ringtone & Video

Album Details:

Album- The Chaos Chapter: Freeze

Director: Guzza (Lumpens)

Assistant Director: Lim Hyunhee

PA: Bang Sungjun, Kim Hyuk, Lee Seungchae and Kim Kookki

Director of Photography: Eumko

B Cam Operator: Yun Sangwoo

Focus Puller: Min Sungju and Cho Sungyoon

2nd: Ko Yuntae and Lee Eunil

3rd: Park Dongseob

DIT: Ryu Minju

FPV: Kim Minchan

Gaffer: Song Hyunsuk

Lighting Crew: Choi Junghyun, Kim Wanki, Park Gyutae, Hwang Uigyu, Kim Yerin, Kim Jisoo, Cho Hyunjae

Jimmy Jib Operator: Kim Youngjung

Jimmy Jib Assistant: Kim Sunghoon, Kim Hyunin and Kim Yunhyun

Technocrane Operator: Choi Taehyeon

Technocrane Assistant: Kim Doyun, Hwang Yonggeun, Ahn Junwhan, Jeong Jaewon

Art Director:  Park Jinsil and Kim Bona

Assistant Art team: Kang Yeri

Art-team Manager: Heo Ilho

Associate Producer: Emma Sungeun Kim

Production manager: Lee Chanhee

Production assistant: Doh Taewoo, An Juyoung  and Kim Taeho

Stunt coordinator: Jung Yoonheon

Stunt team: Moon Gwangsik, Seo Minwoo, Noh Gyeongseop, Choi Minhyeok, Yoon Mingyu, Lee Seongmin

 Special Effects: DND LINE


VFX Supervisor: Byun Daeyoung

Generalist Artist: Han Jieun, Do Jaejin and Kang Hyeju

Compositing Artist: Yang Sungkyu and Lee Ayoung

Matchmove Artist: Ko Hyunju

Mattepainting Artist: Oh Hyungjo

Project Manager Kim Cheongsoon

Music & Sound Design: Revin

Visual Creative: Lee Hyun Ju, Jung Su Jung and Rakta

Performance Directing: Kim Su Bin, Kwon Yoo jung, Son Sung Deuk and Hyewon Park

Artist Management: Kim Dae Young, Kim Ji Soo and Shin Seung Chan

Release Date – 30th May, 2021

Link Of the teaser :

So go and get ready to listen to this amazing Korean album by TXT, The Chaos Chapter: Freeze. This album is going to stream on 30th May 2021 so make sure you listen to it and don’t forget to stay tuned to get more exciting updates daily!

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