The Best Gifts For Tech-loving Parents

The Best Gifts For Tech-loving Parents

Getting away from typical gifts is especially difficult on Father’s Day, but technology has expanded its networks so much in recent years that there are already many more alternatives to give to those fathers who always carry cables and chips in their hearts. All options listed are available for shipping before Sunday, so no one is left without their gift.


Huawei Matebook is a great gift for tech lovers. It has a lot of features that make it perfect for those who are looking for a laptop. First and foremost, the Huawei Matebook is a great option if you are looking for an Ultrabook. It has an excellent battery life and is very thin and lightweight. Additionally, the Huawei Matebook comes with Windows 10 Pro which makes it very versatile. Finally, the Huawei Matebook also comes with some great features that make it perfect for students or busy professionals such as the fingerprint reader and backlit keyboard. You can buy this product during ramadan pc offers at amazing discounts.


Your own robot factory

As much as you’re looking at bits and bytes all day at work, the pleasure of building a robot with your hands is of another category: more poetic and connected to creativity. This Pi-Top kit, from the makers of the popular Raspberry Pi, promises over 100 hours of robotics and tech projects, even if you haven’t programmed before. Each Pi-Top 4 comes with a Raspberry Pi 4 with 4Gb of RAM, a metal box with electronic components such as programmable sensors, LEDs and buttons, as well as a set of parts to give more structure to the constructions. In addition, it is compatible with some versions of Lego and includes a free programming course focused on what Pi-Top can do.

All the entertainment that can be found

Even though most TVs already have streaming capabilities, apps, and a host of entertainment services, they’re often limited by hardware or not widely supported. Amazon’s Fire TV 4K stick is one of the most versatile and powerful alternatives on the market. Whether the fandom is on traditional platforms like Netflix or Amazon, or in darker places like the plethora of IP TV services that provide access to world-class sporting events, the Fire TV Stick will be able to stream them, even if they come in the maximum resolution of 4K.

The first impression is the one that counts

The world moves today thanks to video calls, and as advanced as the cameras of today’s laptops are, nothing will beat a device expressly created to give the best quality. This Logitech webcam allows video conferencing in Full HD 1080p, has autofocus and light correction, lenses specially designed for the changing environments that are lived in a house and double microphone for natural stereo sound. To avoid bad times, the camera also has a quick access hatch that will allow you to obtain privacy in the event of any unforeseen event.

Not one degree of heat more than necessary

The pandemic awakened the chef in many, but the old-school style of calculating cooking times or turning off the oven based on a hunch is no longer necessary in this ultra-technical age. One of the most valued gadgets in the kitchen is the sous vide, a device that allows you to cook at the exact desired temperature and for the ideal time for each meal. Precision cooking allows you to produce results that will please the whole family, as well as giving you the impression of already being part of the world of the future, especially since everything can be monitored from your phone.

Screens: enemies of the eyes

A now classic condition of modern times is the fatigue produced by looking at a screen all day. Although the effects of the infamous “blue light” are still debated by scientists, the general agreement is that screens produce a series of radiations that damage the retina or various parts of the eye. These lenses from Gunnar, a company known for its eye protection devices, intercept 98% of blue light and 100% of UV light, in addition to preventing reflections. The manufacturers also took care to maintain a sober and professional look, so no one will know that, in addition to looking good, they are protecting themselves.

Indispensable source of energy

Coffee has reached levels of sophistication similar to those of luxury products such as wine. For those who cannot live without it, helping them to always keep it at its ideal temperature will be an unforgettable gift. The smart cup designed by Ember allows you to choose between 49°C and 62°C of temperature through an app, and by using the charging coaster it will keep the heat throughout the day. But you are not limited to a desktop: the separate mug can keep the temperature for an hour and a half. It is safe to wash, it turns off automatically when it detects that it is empty and activates when it detects a liquid, it is made of stainless steel with a scratch-resistant ceramic coating. Of course, it also works for tea or any hot concoction.

Back to analog

Polaroid remains synonymous with instant photography and fond memories. The company knows how to capitalize on nostalgia and recently launched the Originals Now I-Type, an analog camera that brings back all the magic of the 1977 original. In an era where everyone carries high-resolution cameras in their pockets, going back to the real thing, that can be taken and shared from hand to hand, it is a directly romantic act. The One Step 2 uses special film cartridges available in black and white or colour, and features a vacuum discharge tube flash, so none of the classic elements are lost.

Against planned obsolescence

Technology and repair almost always go hand in hand. The taste for “irons” never ends and this screwdriver kit will allow you to discover the entrails of even the most sophisticated electronic device. The iFixIt Pro Tech Toolkit contains all the tools required for pushing, prying, electromagnetism isolation, screwdriving, and just about everything else modern gadgets require for maintenance. Instructions are not included, so any repairs will have to be done carefully to avoid damage.