Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Get the Best Design Patent Drawing Services

Do you know what the strength of design patents is? The drawing of the new design that ornaments the manufactured device. It’s because a design patent is all about the picturization of an already invented item. The main objective of design patents is to obtain the legal rights for a newly created design for a running product that differentiates it from its previous design. If you want to patent the appearance of a product that you have developed using your creativity, you must consider availing of design patent application drawings services. 

Since your main focus in the whole patent approval process is likely to be on the invention, and your patent attorney will hardly be able to save time from the patent drafting and filing tasks, your design patent diagrams may take a hit. You genuinely need someone to look after your patent drawings and ensure that it reflects your design well with all the necessary dots, lines, and shades. That’s where seasoned drafters come into the picture. They have years of experience creating appealing drawings with essential labels that instantly draw the patent examiner’s attention. Once examiners successfully wrap their minds around your design patent application drawings, chances are high they will approve your patent. 

Let’s see what the main features your design patent application drawings must contain to meet the USPTO’s strict standards of acceptance:

1 – Shapes

2 – Contours 

3 – Proportions

4 – Material texture 

5 – And many more features

Take note that if any section of the invention’s drawing seems incomplete or compels the examiner to imagine to get the whole picture, they will return the patent application without reviewing it. 

Why do you need to attach high-quality design patent drawings to your patent application?

1 – Chances of rejection 

If you apply for your design patent with low-quality drawings or without drawings, the chances are high that the patent examiner will reject it straight away. So, it’s better not to waste your precious time and money if your design patent drawings are not up to mark. 

2 – Permanent application denial

You might get surprised to know that patent reviewers ask the inventor to submit the correct and complete drawing only once or twice. If they fail to do that in these two attempts, it may lead to permanent application rejection. 

3 – Faulty disclosure 

Sometimes incomplete or poorly drawn sketches might lead to pretty defective disclosures. It might prevent your patent from getting approved. 

4 – Refusal from the application process 

Even if you properly understand your invention and draw sketches representing it, you might get prohibited from the patent application process if it doesn’t follow the required formats of design patent drawings.

5 – No rights to edit

All the patent applicants must review their design drawings before submitting them to the USPTO. They are not allowed to edit it once the image goes to the patent examiner for the check. 

Now it’s time to see why you need to get professional design patent drawings services.

Why do you need to hire expert drafters for your design patent drawings?

1 – USPTO-compliant 

A seasoned sketcher knows how to fulfill the design drawing requirements by USPTO. That’s why they draw diagrams that completely comply with the stringent requirements of the US patent office. Meanwhile, you can focus on the core tasks of your invention and leave the hard work for professional illustrators. 

2 – Meeting the deadlines 

You might not know that the deadline fixed by USPTO for filing patent design applications is less than 365 days after it comes into the public domain. So, to meet this deadline, you need a trusted sketcher at your disposal while you can do other important works associated with your invention. 

3 – Deeper knowledge of drawings

Perhaps, the best benefit of hiring an old hand drafting technician is that they have extensive knowledge of using shadings, dots, lines, etc., in patent drawings. These qualities are pretty crucial in your design drawings since they represent various aspects of your invention correctly. 

4 – Conversant with laws of various countries 

One of the main qualities of professional illustrators is that they are well-acquainted with the patent laws of some of the giant countries like the USA, Europe, and China. For them, such broad knowledge of the patent laws of different countries matters. 

5 – Labelling of the drawings 

Just to let you know, the highly qualified patent illustrators are very good at labeling the diagrams they draw. It helps them render the image excellently using the appropriate color and shading to reflect the two-dimensional or three-dimensional appearance. 

Last thoughts 

I hope you know how to improve the strength of your design patents now. Hiring a knowledgeable patent drawing sketcher guarantees making your images more attractive using shading, dotting, lining, and labeling. If you wish to leverage professional patent design drawing services, you must speak to a well-known patent drawings company now.