Sweet Magnolias – Yay or Nah?

Sweet Magnolias is a show that revolves around three childhood best friends; Maddie, Helen and Dana Sue and portray their life struggles. It shows the three women juggling relationships, work and the hardship of upbringing their children in a small town called Serenity.

The show is funny, romantic and upbeat. It still portrays life difficulties consistently. It shows the importance of mental and emotional health. The characters are very bubbly and extremely relatable. Sweet Magnolias doesn’t fail in doing a great job of showing how difficult yet beautiful life is and how we must cherish every moment of it.

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It shows the strength of true friendships and how it makes life easier if you’re surrounded by the right people. Maddie played by JoAnna García Swisher is a single mother who is healing from a painful divorce while nurturing her children and is trying to find herself amidst all the chaos.

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Helen Decatur played by Heather Headley is an attorney with a vibrant personality. She is extremely career-driven but also wants to start a family of her own. She has a rollercoaster relationship with her long term love Ryan played by Michael Shenefelt.

Dana Sue played by Brooke Elliott is the head chef of a local restaurant. She is a single mother and finds herself in a constant fix between the daily chores in the restaurant, the constant enmity by a nemesis while trying to be a loving mother to her daughter.

The three friends decide to open up a spa that caters to the needs of the local people and they succeed in doing so. The creator of the show Sheryl J. Anderson has really made the ordinary come alive for the viewers while staying true to the authentic flavour of the show.

The plot is filled with love, sadness and warmth. The end of the first season will leave you in a dilemma. The show fit in like a snuggly blanket. The shows biggest gifts are the talented actors. They are engaging in their roles and the chemistry of the three strong independent woman is palpable.

It is extremely refreshing and a big Yay from us!

The second season of Sweet Magnolias releases soon on Netflix.