StudentLivesMatter goes on trend read why ?

StudentLivesMatter all started when the government and universities started planning of conducting exams for students in the corona outbreak where students demanding to cancel their examination as their lives matter too if any students get corona who will be responsible?


StudentLivesMatter goes on-trend read why?

also, some of the students are migrated moved to their different states and cities  returning to colleges is not possible for students even from colleges to home is not possible online exams is also failing plan as every student doesn’t have internet facility to give an online examination
students lives matter also stats that all these are for elections as election are closer and testing students how this all plans work while students demand to open parliament first which is a good plan because students are not testing kits to see the plan is worked or not also if there lives are using as plan testing then the students must dethroned the government in next election or in university election 

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