Somya Gupta (Michu) Gets Her YouTube Account Verified

YouTuber Somya Gupta (nickname: Michu), also known as “The Sass Thing” (her Instagram username), has got her YouTube Channel verified.

Somya Gupta (Michu): A BRIEF INTRODUCTION 

Somya Gupta (Michu) Gets Her YouTube Account Verified
popular creator – Somya Gupta

Somya Gupta (Michu) Gets Her YouTube-Account Verified

(Pic: Instagram/ @thesassthing_ )
Somya Gupta (nickname: Michu), popularly known as “The Sass Thing” on her social media platforms, is a 22-year old YouTuber and influencer. She lives in Mumbai, and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Science (B.Sc.). 
Somya Gupta (Michu) makes videos, primarily centered on skincare, hair care, lifestyle, food and fashion. She enjoys a massive fam following of 108K subscribers on YouTube, and has posted a total of 39 videos till date. She also has an Instagram family, comprising 716K followers. 
She is adored by her fans for her amicable nature, skincare tips and effective make-up tips. As regards her future plans, Somya Gupta (Michu) wants to launch a clothing brand of her own. She also wants to lay emphasis on growing her influence and her audience.
Somya Gupta (Michu), a.k.a. “The Sass Thing” is elated at her YouTube Channel getting verified.
we Readerscook India congratulate to somya Gupta for getting verified and best of luck for the future 

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