Smell and Taste Disorder Resulting From Car Accident


Smell and Taste Disorder Resulting From Car Accident

Smell and Taste Disorder Resulting From Car Accident

  Anything that inflames your nose lining may make it feel itchy or runny, and it may affect your sense of smell and taste. But did you know that there are injuries suffered after a car accident that may lead to your loss of smell and taste?

Smell and taste disorders are known to be a significant effect on living a normal life. But due to a lack of knowledge and understanding, car accident victims don’t think that such disorders may be a result of injuries suffered. If you cannot taste or smell after a car accident, you may have another injury awaiting other than what is visible. As such, you can be entitled to compensation.


Smell And Taste Disorders After A Car Accident

 When one is involved in an accident and cannot smell or taste, there could be a combination of serious issues going on. Many car accident victims who have head injuries report loss of smell and taste. In fact, one may have the disorder, but it may never click to them that the disorder has resulted from a head injury. Accidents that lead to head injuries are nasty and may leave the victim with long-lasting effects. That’s why it’s always advisable for a victim to look for the best lawyers in Wasilla Alaska once they have been involved in an accident. 

A stipulated earlier, this disorder mostly affects the olfactory nerve, resulting from a fracture in the head bone. This could be from the head beings strike by the steering wheel in a collision of the vehicle or improper airbag deployment. While lack of smell and taste may not seem to be an issue, it has a major impact on the victim’s life. When it comes to filing a claim, the victim should show evidence of their injuries leading to monetary loss from which they should be compensated. Other than your claim being based on negligence and getting compensated, your compensation will also be affected by the treatment you receive based on:

·         Your age

·         How the smell and taste disorder has affected you

·         Your overall medical history

·         How long your smell and taste disorder is expected to last

 According to research on smell and taste disorders after a car accident, a good number of victims complain of smell and taste disorder after a traffic accident.


 Why Should I File A Smell And Taste Claim

  Very few car accident victims are aware of the danger associated with smell and taste disorders. While the disorder affects the quality of your life, it is also extremely dangerous. Smell and taste disorder may affect your ability to detect things such as:

·         Leaking gas that could trigger respiratory problems

·         Poisonous fumes

·         Spoiled food

 Other than the above, having the disorder could affect your weight and lead to malnutrition. Worse enough, your immune system may be low, leading to other nasty medical conditions. Victims who know the impact of the loss of smell and taste in their life should not wait to file a financial recovery claim. 

In many cases, victims of smell and taste disorder never regain completely. However, some extensive medical care has shown some bit of success. One greatest option is dealing with the situation. But if the car accident was caused by negligence, you cannot keep still and spend out-of-pocket expenses to cater for your disorder. Remember that you will be dealing with head injuries that require extensive medical care on top of being isolated from your world.

Olfactory disorder depends on age and gender. Research shows that men over 65 years of age tend to be affected by olfactory sensitivity compared to women. One should consider the disorder as a loss of enjoyment of life. For instance, if you love cooking, you love to smell and taste the food you have cooked. It may be impossible with the disorder. That way, you can file a claim based on loss of enjoyment of life.

 It unlikely that you will realize you are suffering from smell and taste disorder immediately after the car accident. In most cases, your head injury will be the first case to be diagnosed. The best way is to stay under observation to detect whether you may have suffered from loss of smell and taste.


Getting Legal Help

 If you have been involved in a car accident and have suffered from a head injury, you may have lost your sense of smell and taste. This may lead to loss of quality of life; the disorder can even result from mild head injuries. Therefore, you should immediately talk about the issue with your personal injury lawyer to determine whether you could be having a valid claim. An experienced lawyer can tell you how to seek compensation for your disorder.

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