Six Tips for Shopping for Women’s Clothes

Six Tips for Shopping for Women’s Clothes

Six Tips for Shopping for Women's Clothes

There’s nothing more disturbing than ordering something online and realizing it doesn’t fit well. When you go to re-order that same dress in another size, you find that it’s sold out. The main problem is that even if you know your size, every brand fits differently and a lot of women’s high-end clothing stores tailor, retouch or pin their clothes in images to make them look like they fit properly than they actually do.   

Most online stores have notes on fitting that tell you about the height of the model and what size the model is wearing, which can help you figure out where the neckline, hemline, or waistline of a specific garment will suit you. If you think you are shorter than the model, you know everything will be a little longer. If you’re taller, you will find everything will be a little shorter. The fit notes may also tell you if the garment is particularly loose or tight, so you know if you need to one size up or down. Readout this blog to know some more tips to help you find the right clothes. 


·        Set a shopping budget:

When you have a specific number in your head, it’s easier to decide and plan your shopping trips to avoid overspending. One way to make a budget is to list all the clothing you think you’ll need to buy in a year, and then estimate how much you would like to spend on each item. Once you have a total, hold yourself to it, and don’t spend more. Once you have done this, look for women’s high-end clothing stores that can match your budget.


After that, use your mood the board which is a collection of images of clothing that you like; it helps you craft your personal style and serves as a source of inspiration when you’re clothes shopping. Check commonalities between the images you’ve selected are there specific textures, colors, and styles you consistently gravitate toward? When selecting any particular piece of cloth, see if they align with your mood board’s overall style.


·        Prepare a wish list:

Keep a running list of clothing items while shopping that you want or need. When you go shopping, look over the list to remind yourself what you’re actually looking for. Shopping from a list is usually more successful than heading out with one particular item in mind you may not find everything you want on the first try, but over multiple shopping trips, you can check off most of the items on your list. When online shopping, bookmark your favorite items and return to them when the brand has a sale.


·        Check your measurements:  

Keep a note of all measurements on your phone with your waist, hip, and chest measurements. This will help with online shopping, allowing you to compare your measurements with a store’s size chart. When clothes shopping in person, you can bring
a measuring tape to check if a piece fits before you even try it on. This is especially helpful when shopping second hand since vintage sizing can be very different from modern sizing. 

·        Prepare a list of items you already own: 

When considering a new item, make a list of the pieces from your closet you’ll be able to wear with it. Unless you’re developing a brand-new wardrobe from scratch, you’ll probably want this new piece to play well with various items you already own. If a jacket you’re coveting doesn’t work with any of the clothes you have at home, consider why that may be. Are you trying to move your style in some other direction? If a piece doesn’t go with anything else you buy, it may not be right for you. Of course, there are exceptions—statement pieces that work all on their own, or clothes for special occasions. When you get home, try on the piece with your other clothing. If it doesn’t work, don’t buy it.


·        Diversify your wardrobe:

It’s easy to gravitate toward the same safe pieces. But there are so many black dresses or dark-wash denim jeans, any one person needs. Having multiples of the same items can add unnecessary bulk to your closet, making it harder to get dressed. If you find something unique you like but already own something similar, ask yourself do I like this pattern better than what I currently have? How many of these do I really want? The answer isn’t more than two, except when it comes to your work uniform. 


·        Put selected items on hold:

If you’re on the fence about an item, check if the store can put it on hold. Many stores will hold an item until the end of the day, giving you time to decide. Walk around for an hour, and see if you’re still thinking about the piece when you come back. For online shopping, place an item in your cart and wait a day or two before buying or bookmark it in your wish list folder.


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