There are many shows to bingle while social distancing in India to spend quality times and many platforms like Netflix, amazon prime video,ullu, youtube,zee5, and T.V movies channel to spend time with family and friends

shows to binge while social distancing in India to spend quality times

1.Indian web series

Here is the top Indian web series to watch while social distancing


best hindi web series

it is released in 2018 which is based on politics and its secrets of murder and drugs, planning  


best hindi web series

it is a story of a policeman who saves a little girl from  kidnappers  and later the girl reveal all her secrets were police and kidnapper amazed

3.criminal justice
best hindi web series

it was the most famous web series released in the year 2019  
the series is  about the drug, justice, sex  when a girl and taxi driver do drug and wake up in the morning and their life gets changed

4.made in heaven 

best hindi web series

made in heaven is all about Jodi maker when they got stuck in their own life


best hindi web series

it is a real story which is  based hostel how student make friends and how they deal with the first day in the hostel  how hostel students enjoy study as well as enjoyment by living away from parents 
highly recommended and best series according to Readerscook

6.Inside edge

best hindi web series

the inside edge is based on cricket s
ecrets every person see what’s in tv but inside the cricket, it is controlled by the richest person  the series also includes about sex and drugs,match-fixing, fixing of bowling,, predictions 

7. Yeh meri family

best hindi web series

a series by tvf prod the series about how the family is according to twelve years old boy how they fight problems and find a solution together

8.The family man

best hindi web series

the family man is the series where a family man Is in the secret mission to save his country by telling lies to his family that he is doing a job in the bank offices

best hindi web series

Mirzapur is a series related to Uttar Pradesh gangster family where murder sex and lust and political story of a family

we are soon to updates more list please stay tune to us and hope you like our article shows to bingle while social distancing in India  and best Hindi web series in India comment and let us know if we missed something 

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