How to Keep Burglars at Bay? A Complete Guide

Security guards should be the first step in protecting your business. They’re a great way to ensure that you have enough workforce on hand at all times and can help deter any would-be criminals by making them think twice about trying anything funny with these guys nearby!

If you go away for an extended period, you might consider hiring a security guard for your house. A security guard will keep burglars at bay, but they will also help you protect your belongings. Aside from security guards, other home protection methods include Pet-immune security guards, window break sensors, and video cameras. The best way to keep the burglars at bay is by hiring security guards in Calgary.

Pet-immune security guards

Pet-immune security guards keep burglars away by deterring burglars by acting as a natural defence against criminals. The system works by detecting upright humans while ignoring small animals or humans walking close to the floor. A home security company understands this need to protect their client’s homes and pets. However, a home security company cannot guarantee the safety of all its customers.

Choosing the suitable motion sensor for your home can make a difference. While small dogs and cats may not hurt a thief, a large dog with aggressive tendencies might be better. In addition, smaller dogs and cats may be prone to triggering false alarms, so make sure the pet is protected. A motion sensor is best placed in a home where pets roam.

Video cameras

While there are many benefits to installing a video camera, it’s not always the only one to consider. If applicable, burglars typically prefer to go unnoticed when breaking into homes or even your office. The best way to make your house less attractive to burglars is to trim exterior bushes on your property below window height. Keep shrubbery and bushes at a minimum, and avoid planting thorny plants near your windows. Burglars are often drawn to houses with low fences and shrubbery, making sure everything is visible.

Another way to deter burglars is to let your neighbours know that you’re away. Having neighbours drop by from time to time will give the appearance of activity around your home, deterring criminals. A house with newspaper on the lawn or the front porch will also be less attractive to burglars since they’ll assume that no one is home. To deter burglars from targeting your property, have a trusted neighbour lookout for your property while you’re away. You’ll also have an easier time keeping track of your property if a trusted neighbour parks on your driveway or looks out of the window for your house.

Window break sensors

There are many advantages of window break sensors and many other gadgets, including preventing burglaries. The sensors work as a deterrent to burglars by alerting police when a glass window is broken. They can detect breakage from as far as 35 feet, but they are not effective through walls, floors, or ceilings. Most security experts recommend installing them near windows that do not have motion sensors on the first floor. Back-of-the-house bedrooms are particularly vulnerable to break-ins.

Glass break sensors are one of the most effective ways to protect your home from burglars. These devices work by listening to audio frequencies. They can detect when glass is broken by hearing the crack of shattered glass. Glass break sensors are available in acoustic and shock varieties, and they detect glass breakage sounds from multiple sources. Unlike some alarms, glass break sensors don’t need to be placed in windows to work.

Locking doors and windows

You can protect your home from burglars by using double-key deadbolt locks on doors with glass windows. Burglars are constantly looking for windows of opportunity so that these locks will keep them out. The double-key feature prevents intruders from breaking the glass and reaching inside your home. You should also keep your keys in the lock to get out if needed.

When locking doors and windows, always ensure that the locks are high quality. If you have an exterior door, install a deadbolt. This makes it much harder for intruders to breakthrough. Also, make sure that your door frames are sturdy enough to withstand a break-in. If you have older doors, make sure that you have deadbolt locks installed, as they provide extra security. If you have sliding doors, invest in smart locks, as they enable remote engagement of the lock.

Not keeping valuables in plain view.

Burglars tend to target places where valuables are visible. They tend to assess the security system of a home and the surrounding area to determine whether it will deter them from breaking in. Keeping valuables out of sight will not keep burglars at bay, but there are ways to make your home less of a target. Avoid hiding valuables in prominent places. The best places to conceal valuables are messy, uninteresting, or out of reach.

Final Take

Security guards are the perfect solution when you need a quick and affordable way to protect your property. They’re able bodies that can be on-site within hours, which means they won’t disrupt business while being trained by professionals in security operations just as much, if not more than employees would!