Save Tamil Nadu Students : TamilNadu Students Angry On Neet Jee Facilities

Save Tamil Nadu Students

Save Tamil Nadu Students: Tamil Nadu Students Angry On Neet Jee Facilities 

Neet/jee is an entrances exams for science students after class 12  for the degree exams which is mainly used for engineers and doctors
both the test is used for the admission according to merit list to get admissions in private and government institutions 

students united on twitter for the tweets #Save Tamil Nadu Students to postpone neet examination and demanding for the online examination, rather than offline examinations or postpone

TamilNadu : neet/jee exams facilities were poor in the state where the number of students founded COVID positive as due to lack of transport facilities by the state government for the students to the jee centers 

jee students were unable to reach their jee examination centers which resulted as no of students skipped this examination and increase in suicidal rates due to the examination pressure in the COVID virus 

Save Tamil Nadu Students : Tamil nadu Students Angry On Neet Jee Facilities

Harishma, a student who completed her 12th standard and was waiting to take the NEET exam, dies by  suicide after the hall ticket doesn’t reach her  in pudhukotai district and unable to attend neet exams till now no responsibility for this incident is been punished from the government 

Nityashree and Wickrapandi  has committed suicide due to unable to handle online lectures and technical facilities are on the rise 

popular news channel zee media show DNA which is hosted by Sudhir Chaudhary named student protestors as congress supporter in spite of showing the problems of students facing day by day Sudhir Chaudhary said all students who are protesting is been done by congress it cell of congress to gain votes by buying tweets but didn’t mention about the facilities which are given by state government to the examination center which resulted in a spike in COVID cases in all the states by breaking the record  

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