S8UL Gaming House 2.0 Announced Are You Excited?

Much awaited S8ul Gaming Announced thier new gaming house Yes you heard right india biggest and talented Gaming team S8UL Gaming is ready to reveal full house tour of thier new gaming house

S8ul was Formed by merging two major teams which is known as SOUL & 8BIT they made a team of S8UL Gaming in India as they play together and having Same managers but sometimes team still plays as Solo Gaming brand such as Soul & 8bit

Gaming Industry was waiting to get the leaks of S8UL New gaming house and recently S8UL Shared the announcement of new Gaming house on youtube and Instagram

Team S8UL shared the trailer and images of a new house and it is named S8UL Gaming House 2.0 full house tour will be available For all the S8UL & Gaming fans who were waiting for the house tour on 2nd April 2021

before the announcement, S8UL Fans were continuously searching for the leaks and prediciting the city of new gaming house Here we have a trailer for the new Gaming house by S8UL TEAM

In this teaser, Naman AKA Soul Mortal and GOLDY were discussing to reveal and they showed teaser by By using Firelight as Ray of Goodness and showed a design and shorts of New S8ul gaming house 2.0 which is loved by fans and waiting to see more action after the shifting of the team in the Gaming house 2.0 and showed that gaming can also be chosen as a career in India and gamers can be superstars too

We are proud of team S8UL who are creating an good impact in gaming industry and driving the youth in the right direction also Team S8UL were already Represented India in major Online Gaming Championships

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